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Featured / The main product of this issue

Low threshold, 0 rate, a variety of maturities to meet liquidity needs, investment risk is extremely low, and is equivalent to bank deposits.

fund  / Relying on the financial sector, choose quality funds
Current period / Make making money a habit


Other high-yield current products

Financial value-added services, super wealth management payment accounts, low threshold real-time cash withdrawal
Portfolio investment / Combination ratio, maximize revenue
One-click ordering
Private custom

Professional risk assessment system, "Thousands of people" plan your asset allocation plan

Global configuration

Covering A-share, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, bonds, gold and other major assets, effectively diversifying investment risks

Dynamic adjustment

Track global market ups and downs, choose the best time for intelligent optimization

Steady win 4

Yield in the past three years

Combine medium and low risk large-area assets, which is suitable for conservative investors.

Balance 1

Yield in the past three years

Equilibrium allocation of assets with different risk characteristics, suitable for stable investors

Growth No. 2

Yield in the past three years

Get a reasonable return in a more aggressive configuration for growth investors

Aggressive No. 4

Yield in the past three years

Equity-based assets, cross-regional hedging risks, suitable for enterprising investors

Financial information  / See financial information, enjoy wealth life
Financial topics
2018 China Financial Annual Forum China's financial industry in the new era|2018 China Insurance Industry International Summit Forum
Grasping the investment context, tracking the "national team" fund|The pension fund is coming out. The third pillar of the public offering service is set off.

Cooperative institution

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