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    Spring Festival red envelope test payment clearing system Silver networking system success rate 100%

    2019-02-11 09:41:07

    Economic daily

    In the Spring Festival of 2019, various "red envelopes" activities inspired people's enthusiasm for participation. It is understood that TenPay, Alipay, Baifubao, etc. all launched "red envelopes" activities during the Spring Festival, not only WeChat red envelopes, but also Baidu red envelopes, vibrato red envelopes and so on.

    The "red envelope" can be smoothly robbed and cannot be separated from the payment system. According to the latest data of China UnionPay, on the New Year's Eve of 2019, China UnionPay handled cross-bank payment and liquidation of 261.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 81.3%. The data released by the network also showed that the cross-institutional transaction processing of the network platform on the first day of the day exceeded 44,000 pens/second, and the network payment transaction was most concentrated at 0:00:3.

    During the Spring Festival, cross-bank payment and liquidation not only has a large amount of concurrency, but more importantly, it involves a wide population and covers many scenes. Domestic traffic, catering, department stores, Chinese New Year red envelopes, video social media, and cross-border business areas such as currency conversion, cross-border withdrawals and remittances all impose strict requirements on cross-bank payment settlement.

    According to statistics, on the night of New Year's Eve in 2019, the success rate of the UnionPay network system reached 100%, the average transaction response time was only 220 milliseconds, and the payment clearing guarantee capability was further tested. Network data also shows that during the Spring Festival, the success rate of the network platform system reached 100%.

    According to industry insiders, the Spring Festival and the “Double 11” are very different. As long as the “Double 11” is over zero, the peak will gradually decrease, but the Spring Festival payment activity lasts longer and has multiple peaks. Therefore, this year's Spring Festival payment industry's major guarantees have the characteristics of heavy tasks, high peaks, large scale, long time, multiple types, wide scope and difficulty. During the Spring Festival this year, UnionPay and the Network Link Platform, together with banks and payment institutions, ensured the peak of payment on New Year's Eve and provided convenient and efficient payment services for people.

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    Editor in charge: Lu Shan RF10057

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