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    Lu Jinsuo: Overdue rate of 2.3% over 30 days is only 1/3 of other online lending platforms

    2019-03-14 07:52:40

    Economic observation networkWang Han

    March 13th,Ping An(Hong Kong stocks 02318) (71.540, 2.29, 3.31%) At the 2018 annual results conference, Chen Xinying, China Ping An Co-CEO, who is in charge of the Group's technology business line, revealed more details of Lu Jin's C-round financing: “Peace After the financing, the group also holds about 41% of Lujin's shares. At present, the capital is very abundant, and it can flexibly choose the time and place of listing. There is no urgent pressure to announce the IPO plan."

    Among them, the main investors in the lead investment are Qatar Investment Fund (QIA), Hong Kong All-Star Investment Fund and Chunhua Capital.

    According to Ping An’s 2018 annual report, Lujin has completed the C round of financing, with a post-investment valuation of US$39.4 billion, a significant increase of 112.4% from the previous round of financing, making it the largest in recent years in Shanghai. Unicorn business.

    As of the reporting period, the number of registered users of Lujin reached 40.35 million, an increase of nearly 20% year-on-year; the number of active investment users was 11.17 million, and the cumulative number of borrowers was 10.28 million, up 37.2% year-on-year. The overall asset management scale was 369.4 billion yuan, down 20% from the same period of last year, but all of them were surviving products, up 40% from last year. The balance of management loans was 375 billion yuan, up 30% compared with 288.4 billion yuan at the end of 2017. .

    What is more noteworthy is that Lu Jins first disclosed the overdue rate of personal loans for more than 30 days, which is 2.3%, which is about one-third of other P2P platforms.

    In the past 10 years, Ping An has made major breakthroughs in financial technology, medical technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data. According to the annual report data, the operating profit of the financial technology and medical technology business of Ping An Group increased by 24.9% year-on-year to reach RMB 6,770 million, while it was a loss in 2016 and only increased in two years.

    According to the four stages of technology company incubation, the establishment of the platform, traffic and data accumulation, revenue growth, profit contribution to summarize the status of several well-known technology companies, Lu Jinsuo and the car home (listed in the US) The safe doctor (Hong Kong stocks 01833), which has already entered the stage of profit contribution and listed in Hong Kong, is in the second phase of flow and data accumulation period, financial accountability and Ping An Medical Insurance Technology are in transition from platform establishment to second phase flow accumulation. in.

    Chen Xinying said that a number of innovative technology companies under the Group achieved good development in 2018, including two listed companies and three of which received external financing with a total valuation of nearly $70 billion. “Several companies have just finished financing in recent years, so the capital is very abundant. When we develop new companies, we hope that they have sufficient capital and can flexibly choose the time and place of listing. At present, we have no pressure to say that it is urgent. Then our IPO plan will be announced at any time."

    For the other two financial technology companies, the merger of financial accountability and financial and wallet promotion. Chen Xinying first publicly voiced: "The two organizations are promoting better cooperation with each other. Some of their characteristics can be complemented. CreditCheck is positioned to serve customers through C and B, and the wallet also has An empowering feature that integrates merchants' points of ability into financial institutions, external financial institutions, and malls. We currently promote better cooperation between them, in points, payments, merchants, overseas, etc. Provide technology and product services to domestic machines and overseas institutions."

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