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    Mercedes-Benz 15,000 service fee to be solved

    2019-04-15 07:50:36

    Securities TimesYang Su

    "The real problem is that customers buy a car in any 4S shop. If you don't make any auto finance package, 4S shop will evade for various reasons, not selling cars to customers, because 4S stores have no comprehensive profit to earn." The person in charge of the leasing company told the Securities Times reporter.

    A Mercedes-Benz female car owner cried a video of rights protection, letting a Mercedes-Benz 4S shop and "Mercedes financial service fee" become the biggest hot spot of the network, and the mainstream media such as People's Daily and Xinhua News continued to pay attention to the comments. In addition to questioning the quality of the engine, clarifying a 15,000 yuan Mercedes-Benz financial service fee into a private account is also the core appeal of female car owners, which has also attracted a lot of resounding of many car users.

    The Securities Times reporter found that even though the Chinese auto market experienced the first decline in sales in 28 years, the auto finance market is still developing at a high speed, and the interest income of related companies has remained 50% or even doubled. Many industry insiders said that some expenses in the field of auto finance have become cancers in the industry. Consumers are unable to change and can only accept passively, waiting for the supervision and regulation of the competent authorities.

    On the 14th, Mercedes-Benz issued a statement saying that it has always respected and carried out business operations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and does not charge any financial service fees to dealers and customers. Mei said that the car owner was forced to pay 15,000 financial services fees. Sides-Benz has publicly and repeatedly asked dealers to be honest and law-abiding to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

    Mercedes-Benz financial fees for entering a private account

    "I can buy this car in full. You let me do a Mercedes-Benz financial loan, saying that the interest rate is low. I said that I don't want to lend. You all tempted me to buy it. Before I was tempted to buy it, I said that there is a financial service fee. ?? For the question of Mercedes-Benz female car owners, 4S shop and on-site Mercedes-Benz related people did not answer on the spot. She also said, "The Mercedes-Benz financial expenses, I don't know where it is, no one explained it to me."

    The reporter noted that the above experience has caused many car users to resonate. On the same day, the Mercedes-Benz female car owner brought the bank card, first went to the 4S shop's financial room to brush down payment, insurance, was taken to a place to do Mercedes-Benz financial confirmation, and finally was asked to pay a fee of 152,000 yuan, and can not go to finance Room card can only be transferred to a private account.

    "The Mercedes-Benz financial service fee is a scam, and it must also deceive other car owners. You charge indiscriminately, and now you avoid it." The car owner is very puzzled by paying the interest. However, in the eyes of the industry, this is an industry practice, and it has long been strange.

    The person in charge of the above-mentioned financial leasing company told the Securities Times that the profit of car sales is limited, about 2% to 3%. In order to retain customers and their own interests, 4S stores are selling a variety of service packages, including mortgages. , finance lease, board license, lottery, insurance, etc.

    Dongzheng Finance (Hong Kong stocks 02718), which has just landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, focuses on providing automotive financial products and services for the purchase of luxury brand cars. In the prospectus, Dongzheng Finance introduced that luxury brand car dealers usually charge a one-time fee of RMB 500 to RMB 1,000 for each successful loan referred by the auto financing service provider.

    Cancer of the trillion auto finance market

    "This is a problem of the overall ecological chain of the automobile, and it has become a cancer of the industry." For the reporter's optimistic hope that the auto finance market will be regulated, the industry will not agree that the phenomenon of arbitrary charges will persist for a long time.

    In 2018, the Chinese auto market experienced a decline in sales for the first time in 28 years, but the auto finance market has been developing rapidly. The 2018 annual report of a number of listed company car companies shows that despite the different degrees of decline or even plummeted sales, the auto finance business is growing rapidly. TakeGreat Wall Motor(Hong Kong stocks 02333) (9.910, -0.45, -4.34%) For example, Tianjin Great Wall Binyin Auto Finance Co., Ltd. benefited from consumers using auto finance to purchase cars. In 2018, auto finance business loans reached 17.758 billion yuan, realizing interest. The income was 1.385 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 105.76%.

    Do car owners have to apply for loans at 4S stores? A 4S shop staff said privately, "This is generally not allowed. I have not encountered customers who have been able to make loans outside for so many years." Because it does not match the information required by the owner to provide loans.

    “When visiting all the sales terminals and 4S stores, these packages are almost inseparable. The handling fee is the profit that the financial product provider (Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance) and the regional sales, agency and 4S stores need to share.” The above financial leasing company The person in charge believes that this is a problem of the overall ecological chain of the automobile, and it is already a cancer of the industry. Because auto finance companies also earn a lot of money from them, there is acquiescence and even connivance that 4S stores are asking for more money from customers, which hurts customers' enthusiasm for using financial instruments to a considerable extent.

    The Securities Times reporter noted that car companies can adopt direct price cuts for promotion, and can also adopt discount interest to encourage auto financing. The discount is generally paid by the car sales company, and the sales company is included in the marketing expenses. Discount interest will make consumers feel that they enjoy the benefits, so it is good to sell more cars, so car companies will make money, 4S shops can also take advantage of the fee to make money, so in this routine, manufacturers and 4S stores are making money.

    “The financial consumption of the used car market is also very chaotic.” The founder of an auto finance company told the Securities Times reporter. He said that whether it is buying a new car or a used car, consumers are charged a very common fee, and the price will be relatively high. 4S shop charges a higher fee, especially for some of the better models, and most will not invoice. He said, “To give consumers lower interest rates and charge higher fees, so the space for consumer rights protection is still very large.”

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