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Financial product filter
  • Sales status All
    in stock Presale Stop selling
  • Bank name All
    Bank of China ICBC Construction Bank ABC Bank of Communications Everbright Bank Minsheng Bank China Merchants Bank French Industrial HSBC Bank Ping An Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank CITIC Bank Guangfa Bank Bank of Beijing Shanghai Bank Hangzhou Bank Zheshang Bank Ningbo Bank Baoshang Bank Chongqing Bank Citi China HSBC Bank Bank of East Asia Anzhi Bank ANZ Bank Baoshang Bank North Bay Silver Beijing Rural Merchants Bank of Beijing Coastal farmer Bohai Bank Cangnan Rural Chang'an Bank Changchun Rural Changsha Bank Changshu Rural Merchants Chengdu Rural Merchants Chengdu Bank Cixi Rural UOB Bank Dalian Bank Deyang Firm Deutsche Silver Texas Firm Dongguan Bank Bank of East Asia Dongying Bank French Industrial Fujian Strait Fortune Bank Luzhou Bank ICBC Everbright Bank Guangdong Huaxing Guangfa Bank Guangzhou farmers Guangzhou Bank Guiyang Commercial Bank Guilin Bank Harbin Silver Korea Hana Hankou Bank Hangzhou Union Hangzhou Bank Hebei Bank Hengfeng Bank Hang Seng Bank Hang Seng China Hubei Bank Huzhou Bank Citi China OCBC Bank Huarong Xiangjiang China Merchants Bank HSBC Bank Huayi Bank Huaihai Rural Yellow River Farmers Huishang Bank HSBC Bank Jilin Bank Jiaxing Commercial Bank Construction Bank Jiangdu Rural Jiangmen Xinhui Jiangsu Zhangzhou Jiangsu Bank Bank of Communications Jieyang Rural Merchants Jinzhou Bank Jincheng Commercial Bank Jinshang Bank Jiujiang Bank Kunshan Agricultural Merchants Lai Commercial Bank Lanzhou Bank Leshan Commercial Bank Liaoyang Bank Liuzhou Bank Longjiang Bank Minsheng Bank Inner Mongolia Silver Nanchang Bank Nanchong Commercial Bank South China Sea Rural Nanhai Farmers Nanjing Bank Nanyang Firm South Guangdong Bank Ningbo Bank Ningxia Bank ABC Panzhihua Ping An Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Qilu Bank Qishang Bank Qingdao Bank Quanzhou Bank Rizhao firm Ruifeng Bank Three Gorges Bank Shanghai Rural Merchants Shanghai Bank Shangrao Bank Shaoxing Commercial Bank Shenzhen Rural Merchants Shengjing Bank Shunde Rural Merchants Suzhou Bank Taizhou Bank Taicang City Farmer Taian Commercial Bank Tianjin Rural Merchants Tianjin Bank Weihai Firm Wenzhou Bank Urumqi Wuxi Rural Merchants Wujiang Agricultural Merchants Xi'an Bank Xiamen International Xiamen Bank Shinhan Bank Industrial Bank Industrial China DBS China Luzhou Bank Yingkou Bank Wing Hang Bank Woori Bank Yuhang Rural Standard Chartered Bank Zhanjiang Commercial Bank Zhangjiagang farmers China Merchants Bank Chouzhou, Zhejiang Zhejiang Mintai Zhejiang Tailong Zheshang Bank Zhengzhou Bank Bank of China China Post CITIC Bank Bank of China Hong Kong Chongqing rural Chongqing Bank Zhuhai China Resources Zijin farmer Zunyi Bank
  • Commission currency All
    RMB Hong Kong Dollar USD JPY GBP EUR Macau Pataca New Zealand dollar
  • Product term All
    Within 1 month 1-3 months 3-6 months 6-12 months 1-2 years More than 2 years
  • Investment type All
    Portfolio investment Trust loan Bill class Credit asset class Securities investment Equity investment Bond investment
  • Revenue type All
    Guaranteed fixed income Capital preservation floating income Non-guaranteed floating income
  • Expected return All
    2.5% or less 2.5%-4% 4%-5.5% 5.5%-7% 7%-10% 10%-15% 15%-20% More than 20%
  • Purchase amount All
    50k-100000 100 thousand -200,000 200,000-500,000 More than 500,000
  • sales regions All
  • Product date All
    Release date Discontinued day
  • Comprehensive rating All
    High (4-5 stars)Medium (3-4 stars)Low (2-3 stars)Low (1-2 stars)
  • Safety rating All
    High (4-5 stars)Medium (3-4 stars)Low (2-3 stars)Low (1-2 stars)
  • Mobile rating All
    High (4-5 stars)Medium (3-4 stars)Low (2-3 stars)Low (1-2 stars)
  • Income rating All
    High (4-5 stars)Medium (3-4 stars)Low (2-3 stars)Low (1-2 stars)
  • Selected condition

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