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Bank wealth management products

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Wealth Product Rating

The bank wealth management product rating is considered from the three aspects of risk, profitability and liquidity of bank wealth management products. In the profitability rating, the highest and lowest yields are estimated based on the type of bank wealth management products. In turn, the possibility that the bank's wealth management products can obtain the highest rate of return is obtained. The income model itself is a scoring system. According to the characteristics of bank wealth management products as investment products, bank wealth management products are themselves safe-haven investment products such as high-risk investment products (stocks, funds). The setting rules set the highest weight for the bank's wealth management product's capital preservation considerations. Therefore, the linked bank wealth management products have lower profitability than the credit-based guaranteed income-type wealth management products. In the safety rating, the principal risk of bank wealth management products is further considered. In the liquidity rating, the financial period is taken as the main body of consideration, and it is considered whether the bank and the investor have the right to terminate early. Under the overall comprehensive rating evaluation, the yield rating weight is higher than the safety rating and liquidity rating. In this rating system, the safety rating shows the security of the product being evaluated and the availability of the income. Therefore, the higher the safety rating score, the higher the security of the product's principal and the profitability, and the lower the safety rating score. The lower the security and profitability of the product's principal. It also reflects the safety of the product or the ability to resist risks from another aspect.

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