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Financial Home>Financial product channel>Delibao·private silver Huixiang 2463190045
in stockDelibao·private silver Huixiang 2463190045
Comprehensive rating
Profitability ratingSafety ratingLiquidity rating
Issuing bankBank of CommunicationsIssue objectpersonalCurrency currencyRenminbi
Investment typePortfolio investmentRelease start date2019-03-13Release date2019-03-19
Commission management period181 daysEntity currency starting amount200000Purchase amount increment unit10000
Can pledge loanYesWhether the bank can terminate earlyYesWhether the customer can redeemUnknown
sales regionsNational
Income typeNon-guaranteed floating incomeExpected maximum yield9.7%Maximum yield to maturity--
Savings compared with the same period4.90Income start date2019-03-20Income termination date2019-09-17
Bank of Communications average earnings trend in the past 12 months
Rate of return descriptionEstimated annualized rate of return 2.50%~9.70%
Terms of purchase
Bank termination conditionExcept as otherwise stipulated in this product manual, the customer shall not terminate this product in advance during the product investment period, and the bank has the right to terminate the product in advance and unilaterally.
Redemption rules
Investment risk statementI. Interest rate risk: Due to the volatility of the market, investment in wealth management products will face certain interest rate risks. During the product's existence, if the PBOC raises the deposit interest rate, the customer will lose the opportunity to increase the income when the funds are allocated to the deposit, or the rate of return will be lower than the inflation rate due to the rise of the price index, resulting in a negative risk of the actual rate of return. 2. Liquidity risk: Except as otherwise stipulated in this product specification, the customer has no early termination right during the investment period of the single-phase product. If the customer has liquidity demand within the investment period of the single-term product, the wealth management product may not be realized at any time. There is a liquidity risk that does not match the capital demand date. If the single-phase product of the wealth management product is allowed to be redeemed within the investment period, if there is a huge redemption, the investor will face the risk of not being able to redeem the wealth management product in time. Market risk: The investment income of this wealth management product comes from the operation and return of the corresponding investment portfolio of wealth management products. Due to factors such as national policies and economic cycles, the market price of investment products may fluctuate, which may lead to the management of this wealth management product. Suffer losses. 4. Credit risk: The bonds or other assets invested by the wealth management products may not be fully realized due to the default of the debtor or other reasons, which may result in the loss of the wealth management products. V. Policy risk: The investment portfolio under this wealth management product is designed according to the current relevant regulations and policies. For example, changes in national macro policies and market-related laws and regulations may affect the normalization of the process of accepting, investing, and repaying wealth management products. get on. 6. Early termination risk: Within the term of a single-term product investment, if the bank terminates the product in advance, the customer may face the risk of not achieving the expected return on the expected product investment period (if any). VII. Information transmission risk: This wealth management product does not provide paper bills. Investors need to know the product related information announcement by logging in to the bank portal or by visiting the bank's business outlets. Investors should promptly inquire about the relevant information of this wealth management product according to the announcement method as stated in this wealth management product manual. If the investor does not check in time, or because of the force majeure and / or accidents, investors can not understand the wealth management product information in a timely manner, and affect the investor's investment decision, the resulting responsibility and risk will be borne by the investor. Except as otherwise agreed between the parties in the Supplemental Agreement/Supplementary Provisions. The foregoing agreement does not exempt the bank from liability for the bank's fault. VIII. Force Majeure and Accident Risk: Due to force majeure and/or changes in national policies, IT system failures, communication system failures, power system failures, financial crisis, investment market stoppages, etc., which may be controlled by non-banks, The impact of product establishment, investment operation, capital return, information disclosure, and announcement notice may result in lower product revenue and even loss of wealth management products. Investors shall bear the losses caused by the risk of force majeure and accidents, and the Bank shall not be liable for this, unless otherwise agreed by the parties in the Supplemental Agreement. The foregoing agreement does not exempt the bank from liability for the bank's fault. The bank has the right to terminate the wealth management products in advance due to force majeure and/or accidents, and the funds of the investor wealth management products remaining after the force majeure and/or accidents are transferred to the investor liquidation account. IX. Tax risk: According to relevant national laws and regulations, the VAT taxable behavior that should be carried out by the financial plan during the operation of the financial plan shall be declared and paid by the Bank and the additional tax. These taxes will be deducted directly from the financial plan. The financial plan will reduce the tax revenue of the plan, the net value of the financial plan or the actual income due to the above-mentioned tax burden such as value-added tax, thus reducing the customer's income level. X. In the most unfavorable circumstances, due to market volatility leading to depreciation or credit risk leading to corresponding losses, the financial investment income may not be enough to pay the expected income when the product expires, or even insufficient to pay the wealth management product principal. The actual cash assets at the time of expiration of the product are distributed to the customer. However, the wealth management products will be recovered from the issuer of the investment product with credit risk, and all the recovered profits will continue to be repaid to the customer after deducting the relevant expenses.
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