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Financial Home>Financial product channel>Bo win FSLA19400A
in stockBo win FSLA19400A
Comprehensive rating
Profitability ratingSafety ratingLiquidity rating
Issuing bankChina Minsheng BankIssue objectpersonalCurrency currencyRenminbi
Investment typePortfolio investmentRelease start date2019-03-14Release date2019-03-20
Commission management period186 daysEntity currency starting amount10000Purchase amount increment unit1000
Can pledge loannoWhether the bank can terminate earlyYesWhether the customer can redeemno
sales regionsNational
Income typeNon-guaranteed floating incomeExpected maximum yield10%Maximum yield to maturity--
Savings compared with the same period5.05Income start date2019-03-21Income termination date2019-09-23
China Minsheng Bank's average earnings trend in the past 12 months
Rate of return descriptionThe current reference rate of return is 2.00%-10.00%
Terms of purchase
Bank termination condition1. During the financial period, the client has no right to request the early termination of the financial products of the period before the maturity of the financial period for any reason; the bank has the right to the other party when there are major adjustments in the relevant policies and violent fluctuations in the market. There is no obligation to terminate this section of wealth management products in advance. 2. During the existence of the product, the customer has no right to terminate the wealth management product in advance for any reason. If there is, but is not limited to, the following circumstances, the bank has the right but not the obligation to terminate the wealth management product in advance according to its own reasonable judgment: (1) Major changes in national policies have affected the normal operation of this wealth management product. (2) The market rate of return fluctuates greatly and may or may not affect the investment income that the product can achieve. (3) Other banks believe that the financial products should be terminated in advance. 3. When the bank decides to terminate the wealth management products or a certain period of wealth management products in advance, it shall be publicized at least one working day before the early termination date, and shall be liquidated and distributed according to the following rules: (1) The bank will realise the investment assets of the wealth management products within two working days after the early termination date, and the investment assets of the wealth management products may not be in the event of major fluctuations in the market or other reasons not due to the bank. In the aforesaid time limit, the bank may extend the period of realization and income distribution, and the bank will make an announcement. (2.) The bank distributes the balance after liquidation based on the proportion of the share of the wealth management products held by the customer on the early termination date of the product. (3). During the period from the early termination date (including the date) to the distribution date (including the day) of the wealth management products, the bank will announce the progress of the liquidation work in a timely manner without paying interest on deposits and wealth management.
Redemption rules
Investment risk statementrisk warning: Due to various risk factors (including but not limited to credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, financial product non-establishment risk, inflation risk, policy risk, early termination risk, deferred payment risk, information transmission risk, force majeure and other risks) The existence of the customer's expected risk aversion, profit and other trading objectives may not be achieved, and the above consequences are borne by the customer, and the bank does not provide any guarantee or assume any responsibility. Important risk warning: This wealth management product has investment risk, only protects the capital of the wealth management fund, does not guarantee the wealth management income, you (the customer) should fully understand the investment risk and prudent investment. Specifically, the risk of this wealth management product mainly comes from the risks described below. Important risk warning: This wealth management product is a combination of non-guaranteed floating income wealth management products, does not guarantee the principal and income, the risk rating is two, and the financial income depends on the price change of the linked target, which will fluctuate between 2.5% and 8%. Affected by various factors of the market. Your (customer) principal may suffer losses due to various risk factors. You (the customer) should fully understand the investment risks and invest carefully. Specifically, the risk of this wealth management product mainly comes from the risks described below. 1. Risk of principal and wealth management: This financial plan has investment risks. Minsheng Bank does not guarantee the principal of funds and does not guarantee the income of wealth management. You should fully understand the investment risks and invest carefully. The financial income of this financial plan is a floating income. The financial gains depend on the price changes of the underlying targets and are influenced by various factors in the market. The risk of uncertainty in financial management income is borne by the investor. Investors should have a full understanding of this. If the market interest rate rises during the financial period, the yield of the financial plan does not increase as the market interest rate rises. 2. Credit risk: If the issuer of the investment product of the wealth management product fails to redeem the principal and interest on time, the default of the trust company under the trust, the default of the financing entity under the trust, the default of the guarantor and the default of other counterparties, it will cause financial management. When the product expires, the customer cannot obtain the risk of losing money or even the financial management capital; 3. Market risk: If the market does not operate according to the expected operation of the wealth management products during the operation of the wealth management products, or the anti-expectation operation, the customer may not be able to obtain the expected income, and may even have zero income; if the RMB market interest rate changes, or the financial management The value of the underlying assets of a product may fluctuate due to uncertainties in the future market, or the price index may rise. The yield of wealth management products is lower than the inflation rate, resulting in a decrease in customer wealth management income or even no financial gains; 4. Policy Risk: This wealth management product is designed in accordance with current relevant regulations and policies. Such changes in the national macro-policy and market-related laws and regulations may affect the normal operation of the acceptance, investment, and liquidation of wealth management products, and result in the reduction of financial management income of this wealth management product or even no financial management income; 5. Liquidity risk: Within the financial management period, unless otherwise agreed, customers who invest in this wealth management product cannot terminate or redeem in advance; during the financial management period, if the customer has liquidity demand, the product may not be realized at any time, and the holding period Liquidity risk that does not match the capital demand date and may cause the client to lose other investment opportunities; 6. Reinvestment risk of early termination: During the duration of this wealth management product, if there are major adverse changes in the market, unexpected events or other circumstances in which the bank believes that it is necessary to terminate the wealth management products in advance, the bank has the right but not the obligation to exercise the advance. The right of termination will result in the actual term of the financial management being less than the term of the contractual theorem, which may result in the client not being able to realize all the expected benefits at the beginning of the period and face the risk of reinvestment; 7. The wealth management products are not established: if the fundraising is unsuccessful due to force majeure factors such as national policies or wars, or other reasons that are not due to the bank, the wealth management products fail to invest in the investment scope as stipulated in the financial contract, or the wealth management products are in the subscription period. The volatility of the internal market may have a serious impact on the performance of investment income of wealth management products, or other reasons that make it difficult to establish the wealth management products. It is difficult for the bank to provide customers with the wealth management products according to the financial contract. Have the right but not the obligation to declare that the wealth management products are not established, and the customer will bear the risk of not investing in the wealth management products; 8. Deferred payment risk: In the event of credit risk or policy risk, the bank has the right to extend the term of this product and exercise the right of recourse to the relevant defaulting party, which will result in the extension of the term of the wealth management product, the deferred payment of the principal and income. risks of; 9. Inflation risk: It is possible that the comprehensive rate of return of the product is lower than the inflation rate due to the rise of the price index, that is, the actual rate of return is negative; 10. Information transmission risk: The bank issues an information disclosure announcement for wealth management products in accordance with the relevant information disclosure provisions. The client shall actively and promptly visit the bank's website to obtain relevant information in accordance with the terms of the information disclosure clause. A customer signing a financial contract is deemed to have been approved and aware of the bank's information disclosure channels; if the customer fails or fails to check the relevant information in time, or because of communication failures, system failures and other force majeure factors, the customer cannot know the product information in time. All liability and risks arising therefrom are the responsibility of the customer. In addition, if the effective contact information reserved by the customer changes, the bank should be notified in time. If the customer does not promptly notify the contact information change, the bank may not be able to contact the customer in time when it thinks it needs, and may affect the investment decision of the customer. The resulting responsibilities and risks are the responsibility of the customer; 11. Force majeure and other risks: including, but not limited to, force majeure such as natural disasters, wars, major political events, and other force majeure events or other unforeseen events that cannot be foreseen, cannot be avoided, or cannot be overcome (including but not limited to communications, networks, system failures, etc.) Factor), any losses caused by the customer must be borne by themselves, and Minsheng Bank does not assume any responsibility for this.
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