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Financial Home>Financial product channel>Ying Bao Bao A Guaranteed Book TM17
DiscontinuedYing Bao Bao A Guaranteed Book TM17
Comprehensive rating
Profitability ratingSafety ratingLiquidity rating
Issuing bankBank of East Asia ChinaIssue objectpersonalCurrency currencyRenminbi
Investment typeRelease start date2019-03-13Release date2019-03-18
Commission management period364 daysEntity currency starting amount200000Purchase amount increment unit
Can pledge loannoWhether the bank can terminate earlyUnknownWhether the customer can redeemUnknown
sales regionsShenzhen
Income typeCapital preservation floating incomeExpected maximum yield10%Maximum yield to maturity--
Savings compared with the same period4.44Income start date2019-03-20Income termination date2020-03-18
Bank of East Asia's average earnings trend in China in the past 12 months
Rate of return descriptionExpected maximum yield is 10%
Terms of purchase
Bank termination condition
Redemption rules
Investment risk statement
Issue Bank Customer Service Phone