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"Ordinary" theme: Xu Xiang once revealed the secrets of this classic operation on this stock! Shareholders: Xiang Ge is amazing!

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财友3f1737doView TA's forum collection  View TA's recommendation recordPublished date: 2018-12-04 10:46:57

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Today, let's study the classic operation of Xu Xiang in this stock! This stock is once the big bull stock 600132Chongqing Beer (600132). Let's take a look at how the master of the rudder operated the check and what kind of operation was exercised.

Xu Xiang once revealed the secrets of this classic operation on this stock! Shareholders: Xiang Ge is amazing!

600132 Chongqing Beer (Figure 1)

First, let's review the check of 600132, which was blown for 16 years because of the myth of hepatitis B vaccine. From 2018 to 2010, it has risen ten times in two years, especially in 2010, when it performed very well. However, with the disillusionment of the myth, 2011.11.25 pulled high and then fell back, then suspended the card, released, all the way down the board and fell. Then see the low point in 2012.1.19 and start a big rebound. The increase from 17.56 to 38.28 has more than doubled. What Xu Xiang did was this wave of rebound. Next, let's study the main trading methods and stock picking ideas.

Xu Xiang once revealed the secrets of this classic operation on this stock! Shareholders: Xiang Ge is amazing!

600132 (Figure 2)

Let us first talk about why Xu Xiang wants to make 600132 Chongqing beer.

Xu Xiang chose to make this ticket at the time, mainly for two major reasons. The first is that this stock has plummeted continuously for the first time. It has fallen from a maximum of 80.52. When Xu Xiang started, the stock price has reached 25 or so, with a minimum of 17.56. Secondly, this stock was chosen at this time because the Spring Festival red envelope market started. He also wants to take advantage of the situation. After taking advantage of the situation, the first band of the red envelope market rebounded to a high level and was pressured. The technical side of the stock rebounded to the pressure level and began to ship.

The more intelligent people, the more they know how to do what they want. Guided by the situation!

Next, let's talk about Xu Xiang's trading methods.

Xu Xiang once revealed the secrets of this classic operation on this stock! Shareholders: Xiang Ge is amazing!

600132 Chongqing Beer (Figure 3)

After choosing this target first, the timing is also there, and the red envelope bounces. When this stock breaks the white line support (that is, from the second horizontal line position of the upper number) to the red line support. There will be some technical stop loss discs when breaking the white line. Because it broke. At this time, our Xu rudder began to open the initial position. On December 21, 2011, the daily limit plate opened lower and then hit the daily limit. This is the result of Xu Xiangcai's sucking. After the daily limit, Xu Ruoshi stopped buying, and some of the stop-loss orders took a high rebound and the stock price fell back. The next day, the board opened to the daily limit and continued to suck. Since then, for several consecutive trading days, all the way to the market,This is the typical pressure-type opening position.

At this time, the market has begun to rebound, and this check has continued to squat down. What do you think of retail investors? Retail investors must be thinking, this ticket has not been released, it is too garbage. Then there will be a lot of retail investors who will not be able to flee and flee. The Xu rudder not only got the cheap chips, but also cleaned the unstable floating floats to a certain extent.Here Xu Tuzhu took advantage of reverse thinking. When the market rose, let this vote continue to fall. Inciting investors to think about it, letting the retailers get out of the way, not playing cards according to common sense, creating panic, which makes investors feel out of control and cut meat!

All the way down, until the bottom of the yellow line platform support, let the middle of the technology to send some unsettled investors to trigger stop loss, fake break, carry out the trapping operation, and then pull up. At this time, it was really starting to move up. After that, the stock began to break through the short-term downtrend channel and attacked upwards. Pull a wave, adjust to wash, then pull. A total of three waves were attacked. Then in the green line position, the high point of the previous period, the attack is weak, and the selling is increased. At this time, the red envelope rally is not over yet, but it has also been blocked, and the increase has doubled. At this time, the risk of moving up again is great. So Xu Ruzhu began to ship.

This classic operation case, Xu Ruzhu, used the reverse thinking and took advantage of the psychology of retail investors. With the help of individual stocks plummeting, the expectation of oversold rebound, with the opportunity of the market red envelope rebound market. Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War to God. Sure enough, master, Xiang Ge! It is not the main rudder of Xu.

Sun Zikai: The soldier, the martyrdom is also. Therefore, it can not be shown, but it is not used, but it is far away, and it is far away. It is close to the lure, and it is tempted to take it, but it is prepared. Strong and shun, anger and scratch, humble and arrogant, and work hard, and leave it with you, attack it without preparation, unexpectedly. The victory of this military family, can not be passed first!

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