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    Former Goldman Sachs partner: should hold at least 1% bitcoin portfolio

    2019-02-11 10:24:05


    According to CCN, former Goldman Sachs partner, Michael Novogratz, founder of Galaxy Digital, said that each large macro fund should hold at least 1% of the bitcoin portfolio. Novogratz has always emphasized his belief in the cryptocurrency market and his long-term investment strategy. Earlier, he firmly stated that there will be a wave of institutional investors entering this market, and once they enter, cryptocurrency as an asset class may experience an unprecedented rise. In the long run, the decline in the supply of Bitcoin and the continued acceptance of Bitcoin by retail and institutional investors are considered to be potential drivers of Bitcoin's asset class. Therefore, Novogratz pointed out that if macro fund companies believe Bitcoin can survive and cryptocurrencies will eventually be established as a recognized asset class, they should hold a small portion of bitcoin.

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