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    Beijing Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau: 315 on the verge of vigilance against virtual currency scams

    2019-03-11 08:32:43

    Golden finance

    The Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau launched the “3 15” Banking and Insurance Consumer Rights Protection Week, and released a series of typical cases of infringement of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, suggesting consumption risks. Risk warnings were proposed for “virtual currency” and “blockchain”. The following are the relevant prompts issued by Beijing Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau.

    “3 15” Banking and Insurance Consumer Rights Protection Week – Beijing Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau prompts you to be wary of “virtual currency” and “blockchain” scams, and not to allow illegal fundraising

    First, the case brief

    Foreigner Zhang Mou and Zhao, Li and others set up a network technology company outside China, specializing in promoting virtual currency in China. Zhang and others claimed that the “some currency” they operated was the second generation of encrypted electronic money after “bitcoin”, which had great room for appreciation and claimed to be in a well-known international financial group and its holdings. Among the top ten Internet industries, the internal settlement of enterprise groups and the accounting between members can be circulated and value-added quickly, which can enable investors to “get rich overnight”. Later, Zhang and others continued to develop the offline line by drawing people's heads and grading commissions, and absorbed funds. The number of people involved was more than 100 million, involving more than 10 billion yuan. After Zhang and others were arrested by the police, they were criminally punished for crimes of pyramid schemes and illegal public deposits.

    Second, case analysis

    The skyrocketing bitcoin has made people imaginary about digital currency, but in fact, the truly useful digital currency based on blockchain technology is only a handful. Recently, some lawless elements have adopted the banner of “financial innovation” and “blockchain” to absorb funds through the issuance of so-called “virtual currency” and “digital assets”. Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but rather the practice of speculating blockchain concepts for illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes, and fraud. Such illegal fund-raising has the following characteristics: First, the degree of networking is high. Relying on the Internet and chat tools to conduct transactions, using online payment tools to collect funds, the risk spreads widely and the diffusion speed is fast. Second, cross-borderization is obvious. Many lawless elements set up websites through the rental of overseas servers, and actually carried out activities for domestic residents and remotely controlled the implementation of illegal activities. The third is deceptive, seductive and concealed. Using the concept of hotspots to make hype, and to fabricate a variety of "high on the" theory, has a strong deceptive.

    Third, the risk warning

    In order to protect the security of its own property and stay away from illegal fund-raising, the Beijing Banking Supervision Bureau reminds you:

    First, look at the blockchain rationally, don't blindly believe in the promise of smallpox. From the current technological development point of view, it is still difficult for digital currency to fully realize the function of real money. The above-mentioned "financial innovation" with "blockchain" and "virtual currency" as the gimmick is actually a Ponzi scheme of "borrowing new and old", and its capital operation is difficult to maintain for a long time. The vast number of consumers must polish their eyes and see the traps behind these "financial innovations". Do not blindly believe in the promise of smallpox, and ultimately lose their property.

    The second is to establish a correct investment philosophy. Investment is often accompanied by risks, and high returns are inevitably subject to high risks. The vast number of consumers must establish a correct investment philosophy. They cannot believe in the "myth" of "getting rich overnight." They should pay attention to learning finance and investment-related knowledge, objectively evaluate their own risk tolerance, and choose formal investment channels to achieve their goal of maintaining and increasing their wealth. .

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