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    Blockchain talent demand is hot, industry returns to calm

    2019-03-11 08:33:57

    People's Network - Blockchain Channel Liu Yang

    source:People's Network- Blockchain channel

    On March 6th, the "2019 Spring Enrollment Talent Trend Report" released by the online recruitment platform BOSS showed that the talents in the blockchain sector had a large net outflow in the near future.

    According to the report, in the past 14 months, the demand for talent in the sharing economy and blockchain has been declining. The data shows that in the fourth quarter of 2018, the number of people leaving the shared economy and blockchain sector was 10 percentage points higher than the sum of the first half of the year. By the beginning of 2019, the talents in the sharing economy and the blockchain sector had changed from a small net inflow in the same period last year to a state of large net outflow.

    Some employees in the blockchain industry said that the demand for blockchain talents has declined, which also indicates that the blockchain industry is returning to a calm, and the demand for employment is shifting from “pan” to “fine”. The blockchain industry is moving toward On the right track.

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