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    Bitcoin skyrocketing, investors are planning to do this after 5,000 dollars

    2019-04-08 08:34:58

    Economic observation networkSong Di

    Economic Observer reporter Song Di At 12:30 on April 2, Chen Gang, who had finished his lunch, was in the restaurant, and the mobile phone on the table began to send out a series of reminders, the voice came from a social software group - this is A group of digital currency investors, in the past three months, this once lively group has become a bit silent - Chen Gang opened it, the group has already "frying pan", so that investors are excited about the bit that is rising rapidly Currency price.

    From 12:00 to 12:00, the price of Bitcoin quickly climbed from around 4,100 dollars to 4,700 dollars. It has not yet been reacted by Chen Gang, and quickly broke through the $5,000 mark in the next hour.

    This short-term market continued on April 3rd. From April 3rd to the deadline, Bitcoin prices were stable at $5,000, and other mainstream digital currencies (referring to the top-ranked digital currency) showed up. The phenomenon, driven by a series of mainstream currencies, in the three days, the market value of the entire digital currency market has risen by about 30 billion US dollars. "Unexpectedly, there is no preparation at all," Chen Gang told the Economic Observer.

    The market has formed many explanations about the reasons for the rise, such as the mine entering the flood season, the mine owner raising the price, the market brought by the false news, the banker's targeted sniper to make the futures empty positions burst, etc., but with all the trading markets. Like the change, the real one can never be sure.

    The "aura of the currency" has injected a little vitality into the dim sentiment of some investors. Since the price has shrunk to the level of $3,100 at the end of 2018, bitcoin and the entire digital currency market have entered the "bear market" that investors have said. "The price of the currency has been experiencing a small increase, and the cycle of sharp correction has gradually gained its foothold after entering February, but the future prospects are still unclear. "The current plan is to wait and see," Chen Gang told the Economic Observer.

    The price of the currency jumps

    Zheng Heben, the manager of a digital money fund in Silicon Valley, should have been on a leisurely vacation, but now it has become somewhat anxious. Anxiety comes from the change of the digital currency market. This holiday has completely missed a wave of market sentiment.

    Things happened in just two hours.

    At noon on April 2, bitcoin prices suddenly changed. From 12:00 to 12:00, the bit price rose sharply in the first round, climbing from around $4,100 to around $4,700, an increase of more than 10%.

    Zheng He found the first round of gains when he watched the occasion by chance, but she did not care. On the day before the rise of the April Fool's Day, all kinds of "fake news" were circulated in the market. Her judgment is this. The wave rise is only the hype of the market.

    However, the increase in Bitcoin did not stop at $4,700, and then the bitcoin price again showed a gain of nearly 7%, standing on the $5,000 – this is an important psychological barrier for the market to consider bitcoin prices, since 2018 After falling below this level in the second half of the month, bitcoin prices could no longer return to this point.

    This round of soaring is so fast that Zheng Hedu failed to make any transfer transactions. "I had predicted that I would go up, but I didn't expect it to come so fast, so fierce, I didn't have time to make any transfer transactions, so I have a little anxiety now," Zheng He told the Economic Observer.

    The market did not end on April 2, after a brief correction, Bitcoin prices showed another small round of growth, and stood at a high of $5,300 on the evening of April 3, and remained near $5,000 on the day of the deadline.

    After the sharp rise of Bitcoin on April 2, various mainstream currencies also showed a rising trend. BCH (Bitcoin cash) climbed from US$200 to US$300, and EOS, DASH and other digital currencies also showed different degrees of increase.

    In the fog

    At around 3:30 pm local time on April 2, Lu Chen, a digital currency investor who is rushing to Melbourne's downtown area, noticed the change in currency price from social software. Unlike other investors, Lu Chen is not without. ready.

    At the Spring Festival of 2019, due to the sensitivity of investment, Lu Chen began to establish positions one after another. At that time, the price of Bitcoin just fell to a new low of $3,100 and showed a slow upward trend.

    Lu Chen tried to give his own explanation for this round of rise. In Lu Chen’s view, this round of increase is due to the fact that the area where the digital currency mine is concentrated is entering the “beverage period”, which means that the cost of hydropower is Lowering, mine owners' mining costs are also lowering, and pulling prices higher is good for shipping.

    In fact, this is one of the explanations for the market's rise. Apart from this explanation, another explanation that is generally circulated is that on April 1st, there was a SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) approval. The news of the two digital currency trading funds began to spread, and although the news was finally confirmed to be a false news, it provoked market sentiment.

    Chen Gang does not agree with this explanation. The basis is that he observed in the social media group afterwards that this false news really began to spread in multiple investment groups, which was actually after the price increase of Bitcoin on April 2. Chen Gang seems that the emergence of this news is more like a kind of "forced explanation" of investors' rise, not the real reason.

    Chen Gang believes that this round of rise is due to the “directed blocking” of the digital money futures market to the Air Force. One of the reasons is that Chen Gang has noticed that some big investors have begun to ambush a large number of orders and bitcoin transactions. The amount has experienced abnormal growth in a short period of time. “In the past, many exchanges have cooperated with some big investors in order to pull the market. These investors will show their positions on social media, most of which are empty orders. In fact, according to these photos, it can be judged. The price of the position of the outburst, etc., is beneficial to the long position," Chen Gang said.

    In addition, there are many explanations such as the inflow of over-the-counter funds, the admission of large funds, the speculation of the platform currency in the digital currency market, etc. These explanations have become the fog before the abnormal rise, they are closer to the investors. Efforts to eliminate psychological uncertainty, like all trading market changes, no one can determine which interpretation is the final answer.

    Before and after a jump

    The months before this round of gains were seen by digital currency investors as the most difficult period of time.

    The digital money fund managed by Zheng He has achieved a good rate of return when the market value of digital money plummeted in 2018, but in the past few months, Zheng He has only carefully invested in several "platform coins" (numbers) The digital currency issued by the currency exchange).

    “One of the investment groups I added was very active in the last time of the fall in 2018, but in the past three months it has indeed faded a bit, and the market is too gruel,” Chen Gang told the Economic Observer. Chen Gang seems that there has been no entry of new funds in the digital money market in the past period. This lack of rules has restricted the market to become a kind of "fostering."

    After falling to 3,100 dollars, Bitcoin opened a slow adjustment cycle, and a short-term rise and rapid decline back to the original position became a cycle of repeated and repeated - a digital money fund manager believes that this trend is for spot Investors or futures investors are extremely unfriendly.

    In this volatility, investor confidence is constantly being consumed, and pessimism begins to spread. In the market at the time, some views held that the real low point was $1,000 – which almost returned to the digital currency market in 2017-2018. The price before the rush. At this stage, Chen Gang only cautiously treated the investment in this market in the form of fixed investment. Lu Chen also transferred half of his energy and funds to the stock investment market – this is among the digital currency investors familiar to Lu Chen. Common trends.

    Can this rise really boost investor confidence?

    In this regard, Chen Gang expressed a cautious attitude. He does not intend to add investment in the digital currency market at this moment. In Chen Gang’s view, if some investors are profitable, they may choose to ship, so the price will be Fluctuation; Lu Chen believes that from a long-term perspective, the revitalization of bitcoin prices may have to wait until the next reward is halved - according to the technical rules of Bitcoin, the bitcoin mining award will be halved again by 2020.

    (At the request of the interviewer, Chen Gang, Lu Chen, and Zheng He are all pseudonyms)

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