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    Next World's Largest Dark Net Market - Wall Street

    2019-04-08 08:39:04

    Golden finance

    Golden Finance Bitcoin April 7thDark Dream's largest network market is about to close at the end of April, but a lot of people did not think that, successor to appear in Dream and prove its legitimacy before the next dark largest network market is likely to be - on Wall Street.

    Dream demise of Wall Street to bring more profits

    Now, the biggest dark market, Dream Close, has entered the countdown. Before the emergence of the new Dark Net trading platform, customers flocked to other places, such as Wall Street. It is reported that Wall Street has been working hard to process a large number of new orders, and this week also posted a notice warning on the website (as shown below), claiming the current time required for address generation, input detection, signature messages and other chain processing. Will be longer than usual. Unlike Dream, Wall Street does not provide a deposit address: instead, in each independent transaction, buyers are sent directly from a personal wallet to a 2-of-3 multi-signature composite address.


    Customers can choose to pay using Bitcoin or Monroe Dollar (XMR) and can use PGP Encrypted Login to ensure security. The PGP encryption system is an encryption technology that combines public key encryption with traditional key encryption. It uses a pair of mathematically related keys, one (public key) used to encrypt information and the other (private key) used. To decrypt the information. However, Wall Street was added to our suppliers and the number of goods are much lower than the Dream. At this stage, the success or failure of the first order transactions from former Dream users is critical to whether Wall Street can take advantage of Dream's imminent demise.

    Dark grid market turmoil

    At present, the global dark-net market is full of uncertainty, and suppliers and buyers have been on high alert. A series of recent enforcement actions have caused uneasiness to the users of the dark network. A former Carrie Alaine Markis from Rancho Cordova, Calif., appeared in the federal court in Sacramento and was charged with multiple drug trafficking offences. . Her account, Farmacy41, is said to have received more than 200 BTCs (approximately $700,000) in the dark market. US Attorney General McGregor Scott said at a press conference against sellers of opioid active peptides:

    "The dark net is not the secret coat of those illegal drug traders."

    Recently, Canadian drug dealer Matthew Phan’s $1.4 million bitcoin was confiscated by the court. However, Canadian High Court Judge Jane Kelly ruled that Matthews Phan could retain 7.23 BTC because the judges did not fully believe that these bitcoins were related to Matthews Phan’s criminal activities. Matthews Phan's bitcoin was confiscated in 2015 after a law enforcement by law enforcement agency, when he owned a 280 BTC worth $65,000. Although Matthews Phan is now unable to obtain most of the bitcoin that he illegally obtained, the remaining 7.23 BTC should give him some comfort after his release.

    The Onion Head project supports ten cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin cash.

    Although the users of the dark net have suffered a lot in the past month, the "Tor" project may give them a little comfort. The project is responsible for developing browsers that can be used to connect to the dark network, and its foundation has indicated that it will accept more cryptocurrency contributions including Bitcoin cash, Monroe and Zcash. In addition, donations sent to the project will be directly received by the Onion Head Foundation and will no longer pass Bitpay. With the addition of support for several privacy cryptocurrencies, Dark Net users now have an easier way to support the onion project.

    This article is from Bitcoin.com, the original title: Darknet Buyers Flock to Wall Street as Dream Winds Down

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