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    New first-line luxury car brand launches product offensive ABB welcomes the strongest challenge?

    2019-01-31 02:00:06

    Daily Economic News Fan Wenqing

    Shanghai, January 23Pudong JinqiaoCadillac House opened its first informal opening. It is another important brand display space for Cadillac in the Chinese market following the two landmarks of “Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall” and “Cadillac Arena”.

    “The Cadillac brand space will break the boundaries between categories and forms, and lead visitors to explore the full range of people and cars in an immersive and interactive way, and thereby pass on the more diverse and innovative 'new American luxury' values ​​to the younger generation. "Fan GM General Cadillac Marketing Director Feng Dan said that the key word for Cadillac in the Chinese market in 2019 is "innovation breaks." Cadillac brand space will be an important manifestation of the brand in this keyword.

    In 2018, in the downturn of the domestic auto market, Cadillac sales performance is eye-catching. According to the data, in the past year, Cadillac sold a total of 228,000 new cars in the Chinese market, an increase of 31.4% over the same period of last year. After the Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz (ABB), the fourth annual sales volume in the Chinese market exceeded 200,000. A luxury car brand.

    Despite this, Cadillac is still cautiously laying out the future Chinese market. Although Cadillac is widely regarded as the most powerful challenger to break ABB's inherent pattern, Cadillac does not currently intend to do this. Cadillac Global Vice President and SAIC GM Cadillac Marketing Director Andris said, "Cadillac's current most important job in the Chinese market is to improve product spectrum, expand sales channels, and when all conditions are complete, will be in the market Leading brands are fully competitive."

    In fact, more than Cadillac is in the new first-line luxury car brand. On the same day, Volvo released a new corporate vision, and Lexus's first compact SUV UX based on the GA-C platform was officially launched in China.

    Although ABB currently has a solid position in China's luxury car market, the new first-line luxury brands have been reluctant to be a simple follower. In the top three marketing of luxury cars in 2018, Cadillac sold about 228,000 vehicles in China, an increase of 31.8% compared with 2017. The second Lexus sales in China was about 160,000, an increase of 21.2% over 2017. Although the sales volume of the two is still far away from ABB, the growth rate is much higher than that of the former. Especially for Cadillac, the champion of the second-line luxury brand sales, after crossing the threshold of 200,000, the chasing rhythm has entered another competition. Road.

    Accelerate the expansion of product spectrum

    In 2018, first-line luxury brands launched an unprecedented product offensive in the domestic market. Under the premise of stabilizing the growth momentum of the original main products, the market segmentation will be further subdivided, and the new product will be the common tactic of ABB. The new first-line luxury car brand has also keenly captured this trend.

    In the new first-line luxury car camp, Cadillac's product line is the fastest expansion. At present, Cadillac's product series in China, there are two SUVs - medium-sized SUV XT5 and small and medium-sized SUV XT4, two SUVs sold more than 88,000 units last year, accounting for nearly 40% of Cadillac's sales in China throughout the year; three main forces Cars - XTS, ATS-L and CT6 performed well, with the most prominent XTS selling about 65,000 units last year, and Cadillac's sales in China for the year was 28.5%.

    Compared with Cadillac, Lexus’s “combat style” is steady and steady. At present, Lexus' product layout in the Chinese market covers hybrid and traditional power. From entry-level compact cars to full-size SUVs, the product matrix is ​​dense. On January 23, after the launch of the first compact SUV UX, Lexus has covered the segment from compact, medium to large SUVs in the Chinese market, and the car product line is also improving.

    Volvo, which is currently getting better sales, will also launch a number of domestic models in 2019, including the new V60, the new sedan S60 and its travel version. Last year, the imported version of the compact SUV XC40, which is listed in China, will also be domestically produced this year. In addition, the compact wagon V40 will also be made in China. It can be seen that Volvo is constantly refining its product line and striving to cultivate in a personalized market.

    In the face of the product offensive of competing products, Cadillac is also continuing to quickly launch new cars in 2019 for its own product blank space. For example, Cadillac has responded quickly to the blank space of medium and large SUVs and pure electric SUVs. It is planned to introduce the medium and large SUV XT6 into the Chinese market in July this year. In addition, pure electric vehicles based on the BEV3 platform are also being introduced into the plan. in.

    “In 2018, Cadillac sales in China accounted for about 60% of its global sales. The Chinese market has become increasingly important to Cadillac. Therefore, we will consider the needs of Chinese consumers in product development and rapidly expand the product lineup. In addition to XT6, Cadillac A new heavyweight sedan product will also be introduced to the Chinese market later in 2019, becoming a new force on the Cadillac sedan product line.” Andris revealed that in addition to Accelerating the product spectrum, Cadillac will be dealers in China by 2025. The number will also double, reaching around 500, "Cadillac will compete with leading brands in the market."

    Breaking through the "new four modernization" innovation 2019

    Recently, at the GM Investors Conference, foreign media reported that Cadillac will be transformed into a "pure electric car brand." In this regard, Andris responded, "This statement is not accurate. Cadillac will become the leading brand of GM's new round of electrification strategy. In the future, new energy vehicles and traditional diesel locomotives will coexist under the Cadillac brand."

    According to Feng Dan, GM's newly developed and highly flexible general-purpose BEV3 electric vehicle platform will be used by Cadillac in 2021. "In the future, Cadillac will lead GM's zero-accident, zero-emission, zero-congestion vision. In the new round of GM's electrification strategy, the Chinese market is placed at the strategic center."

    The new first-line luxury brand that injects motorized elements into the brand is more than Cadillac. In addition to Lexus, which has already worked in the hybrid market, Volvo also proposed that its pure electric vehicle sales accounted for 50% of sales by 2025, and since 2019, all new Volvo models introduced to China have been equipped with electric motors.

    Electrification is just one of the dimensions that new first-line luxury brands strive to break through. In fact, in order to highlight the vitality of brand rejuvenation, new first-line luxury brands are making full efforts. Take Cadillac as an example. In 2019, Cadillac will break through with a new product model, diversified brand experience and upgraded service experience. Among them, the application of intelligent, interconnected and electrified technology represented by “four” will become an important measure for Cadillac to achieve innovation.

    In 2018, Cadillac proposed the “Double Engine Strategy” to upgrade the “power engine” representing advanced drive system technology and the “second engine” representing smart connected technology to the height of development strategy. According to Feng Dan, in 2019, Cadillac's new drive system technology will be extended to more Cadillac models; Cadillac's new generation of mobile Internet experience CUE, application vehicle network innovation "cloud service", enjoy life free 24GB / year " Services such as "Car Link Application Traffic" and OTA Smart Cloud Update will be available to car owners.

    "Cadillac hopes to explore the brand contact and key needs of the car owners in the life cycle of the car in the era of establishing the Internet + customer relationship management system in the era of Internet, and create and optimize the new experience of car owners in multiple dimensions." Feng Dan said. Cadillac will combine the existing superior resources to build an intelligent integrated service platform.

    In Feng Dan's view, after the market turmoil in 2018, the market situation in 2019 was also severe. Under this circumstance, Cadillac's goal of 2019 is too high and too low to be realistic. Only by practicing internal strength and improving "soft power" can we develop healthily. "Our sales target in 2019 is relatively conservative, and it is not open to the public for the time being. The general principle is that we do not want to encourage women." Feng Dan said.

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    Editor in charge: Fu Jianqing RF13564

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