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    蹭Hot Spot White Rabbit Toffee will set up an independent Tmall flagship store

    2019-03-11 02:54:47

    Beijing Business DailyWang Xiaoran Wang Weizhen

    Beijing Business News (Reporter Wang Xiaoran Wang Weijun) After the birth of the White Mountain Ice Cream, Guanshengyuan Food Company plans to open a white rabbit flagship store on the Tmall platform. On March 10, the Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the Guanshengyuan Food Tmall flagship store posted a notice that the “Big White Rabbit” independent brand flagship store will be opened in the near future, and the store has been removed from the “White Rabbit”. All products related. The analysis believes that after the "big white rabbit ice cream" incident, Guanshengyuan has paid more and more attention to creating a brand atmosphere and began to explore the independent brand value of the white rabbit.

    On March 10th, Guanshengyuan Food Tmall flagship store posted a notice saying that “NOTICE' White Rabbit' brand flagship store will open in the near future, so stay tuned. The white rabbit candy products you bought in our store, our store Will continue to provide you with after-sales service." Guanshengyuan Food Tmall flagship store has begun paving the way for the opening of the separate White Rabbit flagship store.

    When the Beijing Business Daily reporter consulted as a consumer, the staff of Guanshengyuan Food Tmall flagship store said that “Guanshengyuan Food Flagship Store currently only sells honey products”.

    For the opening time of the White Rabbit flagship store and the new situation of the product, the Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Guangming Food Group, the parent company of Guanshengyuan Food Company, but as of the time of publication, Guangming Food Group has not given a reply.

    In fact, as a star product of Guanshengyuan, Big White Rabbit has sold far more than other categories. Beijing Business Daily reporter noticed in the Guanshengyuan food Tmall flagship store that the monthly sales volume of the white rabbit toffee of 27.9 yuan/500g exceeded 7,000 orders, while the flagship store’s Guanshengyuan beef rolling Shaqima, honey and other products There are only a few hundred sales per month.

    Under the situation that the competition in the domestic snack market is intensifying, the white rabbit toffee once faded out of the consumer's vision, and now it has revived a new round of consumption fever. A few days ago, because the ice cream was sold in the United States, the young man “punched” the white rabbit ice cream, and let the “post-80s” and “post-90s” recall the “taste of childhood”.

    Previously, Guangming Food Group said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that 2019 is the 60th anniversary of the birth of the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit will actively communicate with the young consumers, through the research and development of new candy products and brand cross-border cooperation, let the White Rabbit The brand continues to be younger.

    It is worth noting that Guanshengyuan has tried a separate flagship store for the White Rabbit on the line. The White Rabbit Jingdong self-operated flagship store has been in operation for a long time. The Beijing Business Daily reporter saw in the Jingdong self-operated flagship store of Dabai Rabbit that there are 12 products in the store. In addition to the classic sugar-paper-packed toffee, there is also a candy bottle in the shape of a milk bottle. Among them, there are nearly 18,000 items of candy in the shape of milk bottles.

    It is not uncommon for a group company to rely on its single-brand market to succeed. Li Jin, vice president of the China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association, said in an interview with the Beijing Business Daily that in fact many companies will try to develop their own product brands with high sales volume and certain market recognition. Speaking is a good thing, from the overall point of view can drive the development of the company, and even with the heat of the single product to make the brand enhance its influence.

    According to Lai Yang, executive vice president of the Beijing Business Economics Association, if companies want to maintain the vitality of their brands, they must adapt to the needs of the market and innovate in order to continuously acquire new customers. Previously, Big White Rabbit ice cream set off a new round of sales boom in the United States, which has already proved that if companies innovate or even repackage products, they will stimulate consumer demand. In fact, good brands and products also need effective marketing and continuous innovation to be at the forefront of the market.

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    Editor in charge: Fu Jianqing RF13564

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