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    Personal success is not in 996 but in the fate of critical moments.

    2019-04-15 11:48:32

    Moonwind investment notes

    Everyone is discussing 996. I am also coming to make a fuss. Let me directly say the conclusion:The individual's success lies not in the 996, but in the fate of choice at a critical time.

    1,I graduated from undergraduate program in 2007. As early as the fall of the graduate student's recruitment season in 2006, the entire A-share market was already very hot. At that time, one-third of the students in the dormitory were all stocks. It’s just that we were the first group of students in the University of Xiamen to go to the finance department of the Luzhou campus. The most important internship experience was even thinner than in the past. My personal performance was also flat. So I didn’t squeeze the positions of brokers and funds, and finally went to Shanghai. Insurance companies, doing actuarial data processing and related work of the listing office, can also be compared with investment research;

    2,In other words, starting from undergraduate graduation,I missed the first Kangbo of my peers’ life., the absolute bull market of 6124 points. At that time, the front desk of the public fund could get hundreds of thousands of year-end bonuses. In 2007, the freshman who just joined the company also had a income of 20 million yuan (July-December 2007), knowing that the Beijing Fourth Ring Road in 2007 There are less than 10,000 house prices;

     Personal success is not in 996, but in the fate of critical moments.

    3,But the wind and water turned, and everyone ushered in the 2008 big bear market. Public funds received a fixed management fee is better, the most stressful is actually to the brokers of the classmates, the assessment pressure immediately came up, several undergraduate students back and reluctant to resign to postgraduate. A similar situation is the freshman who joined the bank in the previous two years, and many of them have been forced to leave school to continue their studies by deposit pressure;

    4,Readers think you read this, the story will be reversed? In fact, life is so easy, in fact, insurance companies also generally invested huge losses in 2008, plus a black swan incident in 2008 caused a devastating blow to the entire property insurance industry: the special "snowstorm" in early 2008;

    5,The property and casualty insurance company I was in at that time was already overwhelmed by the vicious car insurance price in 2007. In 2008, it was a double loss of underwriting + investment, and even the solvency problem was a problem. The job of the listing office is definitely not going to work. At that time, I was most impressed by the daily dealings with the burnt-out branches and the performance indicators. Really, my age can be called when my father’s branch manager calls you and bargains on the business breakdown indicators. There are not many people who think that the headquarters staff are high-spirited, but they feel that each is difficult and life is short;

    6,In 2009, the Shanghai insurance company was accepted by a central investment platform in the central region, and the personnel had a big change. At that time, no one knew that the property and casualty company, which seemed to have no hope of going public again, eventually went public on the A-share market through unconventional means. At that time, I also felt that it was meaningless to continue to stay. I left the post to take a postgraduate exam in Beijing, or I continued to do actuarial work after graduation.

    7,Before the summer of 2011, a large insurance company that came to the back of the company came to China for the internship. At that time, the main insurance company also put in a lot of internship needs, which was also the original intention of my job fair. At that lazy noon, on the blackboard behind the recruitment desk, he wrote: "The asset management company also recruits interns";

    8,I learned later that this insurance asset management company was just formally established in May, and all the business has just started, and the demand for people is very high. But it really is a very tight time, so the leader only has time to say "We want people" with HR, and then write it on the small blackboard in that way;

    9,In fact, I have already had the idea of ​​changing my career direction. The reason is that Chairman Wu of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission was very cautious about the approval of insurance licenses. The actuarial profession is very young in China. At that time, many chief actuaries, actuarial responsible persons, and department heads were only in their early 30s, and the actuary itself was a professional (professional) career that could be 70 years old. I can see the professional ceiling when I look up;

    10.So I gritted my teeth and gave my resume to my HR sister, saying that I want to apply for a position in the management company. I can accept it in any direction! So far, I still remember the expression of Miss Jie’s doubts: You are a professional actuarial professional. Why invest in it?

    11,Readers and friends, do you think that I am finally going to embark on the peak of life? Where is it,I missed the second time in my life.. Because it was just five months after the decision to shift to investment, in October 2011, the new chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission took office and began the largest insurance license in China's history. There were only 120 insurance companies in the country in 2011, and this number has already reached 200 in 2017. Many insurance companies are still waiting in line to set up, and actuaries are naturally in short supply. Many actuaries of my age have quickly embarked on the core positions of new insurance companies, even as executives such as actuarial owners, or as actuarial heads of large insurance companies (such as East China and South China);

     Personal success is not in 996, but in the fate of critical moments.

    12.It is worth mentioning that although the resume said "what direction is OK", in fact, my final summer internship position is a fixed income, because my resume is not enough for industry research. ——After 2011, the bond is still a reeling industry, and everyone is more willing to do stock research;

    13,My research direction at the time was to look at the macro interest rate. To this end, I had a lot of knowledge. The current macroscopic situation was hit at the time. The final performance was very good, got the ReturnOffer. However, when I took the official offer in the back, I carefully reflected my own preferences and personality. I and the leader applied for a research post;

    14,The story here is starting to be proud of the sky?Just kidding, I missed the third time in my life.. Because after the end of 2011, the bond market ushered in a big bull market with the longest period of the largest level, and it is a debt-type market where the interest rate of the national debt is rising but the credit spread is obviously falling (so it needs to be actively configured). To what extent is the bond fund manager short of? Let's just say, the researcher of the big fund bond who just graduated for two years is very easy to be dug by the headhunter to the fund manager of the small and medium-sized fund company. Now the researcher of the public fund should see that he should vomit blood;

     Personal success is not in 996, but in the fate of critical moments.

    15,After the insurance company officially joined the company,I finally ushered in the first time in my life.But even so, this Kangbo and everyone are reversed and rare. I am calculating the body, naturally starting from the non-silver sector to see the company, and finally Cover the entire big financial sector. However, in 2012-2015, it was the big bull market of the GEM, and other financial researchers in the same batch as me were basically forced to change direction or be reformed by the supply side. ——But at the time the company paid great attention to the financial sector, but I was saved and even had the opportunity to perform;

    16,This is followed by an internal performance review, a gradual coverage of new industries, and a finalized account management experience. By the way, I also missed the opportunity of a very high-income trust, which happened to be the first year of the real estate trust. The size of the entire industry has increased from one trillion to one trillion in four years.

    17,In fact, my experience is very representative, summed up the words:

    First, don't listen to what they say 996 is very important for young people. The key node is still the fate of choice in the important direction of life;

    Second, why the foreign class is solidified because OldMoney can give the children directions. There is no such thing as "18-year-old children who don't understand anything to choose a major, and young people who have not experienced anything at the age of 24 must choose a job." In the case of a cat touching a mouse, let me take the example of this.

    Third, China’s biggest opportunity lies inLife's rotation frequency is 3-4 times that of others.Therefore, the situation that "people born after 1985, destined for the first chance of life can only appear in 2019" has not been as applicable to individuals in the past decade. Take me as an example. After graduating for more than 10 years, I have missed 4 times of life Kangbo (6124 points absolute bull market, actuarial industry bottom reversal, 10 trillion trust outbreak, bond longest and longest bull market), but we will seize it once, also Still not bad;

    Fourth, don't worry about missing a life Kangbo, change your posture and prepare for the next one;

    Fifth, like the stock market, it is important not to go to places where people are too crowded. Reverse thinking is very important, regardless of the bond market bull market, actuarial reversal, trust outbreak, cyclical supply side reform, and Maotai plasticizer. When I graduated from the same year, P&G (P&G) Mars and the four major accounting firms were in full swing, and now they are completely reversed. When the mobiles were separated from telecommunications around 2000, no one thought that China Mobile would grow into Such a behemoth.

    Choosing the right direction, 996 is an effective means, otherwise it is just a waste of your life.Don't forget, most people can succeed by sitting on the elevator of the Chinese economy. Don't be too superstitious and greasy old men.

    I am sharing with you.

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