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The Spring Festival effect is a good start!

  [2019-02-11 09:07:54] 

Because the market for the Spring Festival is closed for nearly a week, the market is about to open! The opening of the stock market in the Year of the Pig is undoubtedly highly anticipated!


According to near15The historical data of the year, although the probability of the Shanghai stock index rising on the first day after the Spring Festival has not yet occupied a clear advantage, but from a longer period of time, after the Spring Festival5Increase in the probability of a trading day increase to86.67%,10Up to one trading day80%,20The probability of rising on a trading day86.67%. Therefore, it is still worth looking forward to!


Of course, the opening of the door is also related to the loose environment of funds after the Spring Festival! From the historical data, before and after the Spring Festival, due to the completion of the institutional adjustment of the previous year, the probability of increasing the market entry rate of the capital increase is less pressure on the market. After the year, institutional investment and individual investors will also have new funds to enter the market!


This situation is also obvious this year! Northly funded by much attention1Monthly inflows set a record! As of1month30day,1Monthly net inflow of funds520.24In the case of 100 million yuan, the net purchase amount in a single month hit a record high.


The so-called northbound funds refer to funds that buy mainland stocks through Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. This data is a new historical record of net inflows in a single month since the interconnection of China's capital market and overseas markets. This also shows that as long-term investment funds, their recognition of the long-term investment value in the market is relatively clear.


In addition, during the Spring Festival, India suddenly announced a rate cut, which also made the Asian capital market quite exciting! Earlier, the Fed changed its pre-existing tough interest rate hike and announced a moratorium on raising interest rates! This has made the global capital market's tensions slow down. At this time, India suddenly announced that interest rate cuts will also bring imagination to other countries in the Asia-Pacific market, including China's loose expectations!


In the Spring Festival of the film during the Spring Festival, "The Wandering Earth" is the most powerful champion contender for the "Crazy Alien".5day16Billion!


According to the current box office, the listed company Beijing culture is expected to benefit the most. During the big sale of "Pharmaceutical God" last year, the stock continued to limit daily, and the short-term gains exceeded60%! Nowadays, with the "Wandering Earth", the stock will undoubtedly attract many funds, and the future market is full of geometric growth, we will wait and see!

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