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Strictly check and allocate funds to push the market slow cattle

  [2019-03-14 06:59:49] 

Strictly check and allocate funds to push the market slow cattle

Yesterday, the stock market fell in the last hour of the market, and the external stock market rose slightly, and the news turned to bearish.

  Today, the market should be slightly lower or flat. When it is down, it will focus on the support near 3000 points. Strong support will be around 2970 points. When pumping back, pay attention to the pressure around 3055 points. The strong pressure is around 3077 points.

On the news front, the regulatory clearing brokers regulate external access to strictly check illegal allocations into the market; the first batch of about 30 science and technology enterprises are expected to declare in March. The “Three China and One China” project became the main force; the China Insurance Regulatory Commission: the tolerance rate of small micro-loan non-performing loans was relaxed to no more than 3 percentage points of the loan non-performing rate; FTSE Russell may include Chinese credit bonds in its index before the end of this year; Net: Subsidiaries and investment companies currently have no plans to go public; Ping An Group: the first batch of repurchase 5-10 billion yuan In the future, we will not rule out the repurchase; Shanghai Stock Connect will buy more than 600 million yuan in Ping An in China; China Unicom said it expects to invest 5 billion to 8 billion in 5G this year and is following up with 5G licenses; Huasheng Technology: controlling shareholder intends to reduce No more than 8.432% of the company's shares; Shanghai Washer: 2018 net profit increased by 39% It is planned to send 3.5 to send 3.3 yuan; Yisheng shares: 41.89% of shareholders and chairman of the board of directors intend to reduce their holdings by no more than 3% of stocks within 6 months; Tower Group: shareholders intend to reduce their holdings by no more than 2%; Announcement of the news, shareholders holding 1.82% of the shares of Xingzheng and shareholders holding 1.87% of the shares are moving forward to reduce the holdings; Meihua Bio: 2018 net profit fell 14.66% year-on-year Proposed 10 to send 3.3 yuan; today international: pre-winning 127 million yuan project; CITIC Guoan plans to sell Jiangsu Cable shares through block trade, not more than 2% of the total share capital; China Construction: 550 million subscription Kunlun health insurance does not exceed 15% Shares; China Resources Sanjiu: 2018, 10 to send 3.9 yuan In the first quarter of this year, net profit increased by 143.55% to 179.02%; Zhongtian Energy: the company's consortium signed a 3 billion yuan investment cooperation agreement; domestic commodity futures closed at the same day, and coke and coking coal closed up 0.35% and 0.24% respectively. Thermal coal closed down 0.17%. Iron ore closed up 0.90%; April crude oil futures closed up 1.39 US dollars, or 2.44%; April gold futures closed up 0.9%, to 1309.30 US dollars / ounce; the three major US stock indexes closed up In the Boeing counter-turn, the decline was slightly higher. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.58% to 25,702.89.

  In the evening, the most talked about is that the regulators have clearly ordered brokers to check the risk of capital allocation and regulate external access, and proposed that the sales department and employees should not facilitate the off-site fund-raising. In fact, if you look closely, you know that this is the news on March 8th, which is Friday. Why didn’t the market report on Friday? Because the market has been plunging last Friday, if it continues to report bad, it will only trigger the market to accelerate down. Explain that the management only wants to curb the market's rise too fast, not to kill the market and not let the market go!

  Now is only the beginning of the market's rise, but also the initial stage of the capitalization into the market, or the off-market fund-raising has not accelerated into the market. At this time, the capitalization is strictly checked, and its influence is far less than the strict investigation after the market's rise in the later period. The impact of the fund-raising on the market in 2015 is still vivid. The market has gone through thousands of daily limit. In order to prevent historical re-enactment, the current standard allocation is short-term negative for the market. The medium-term is good, which is conducive to the stock market going out of the slow!

  Technically, yesterday the market began to shrink and fell. Today, under the influence of bad news, the market should have a callback. The final target should be around 2930 to 2950. This is because it was a small platform that was originally established. It is expected that there will be a rebound again. It will pull back around 3100 points, and the pumping station will not go up to the previous high point. The market will be adjusted again. The final running range should be between 2930 and 3130. Breaking the top edge will hit the nearby 3200 points; below the next edge will step back around 2850 points. But before the launch of the science and technology board, we still feel that the probability of the market is bigger!

  In operation, the recent trend cruise has always recommended that you control the position, the overall increase in stocks, the main reason is that as the upswing stocks rise, it may be more likely to trigger continuous daily limit, such as Xiaocheng Technology, Hailian News is such a special case, In the later period, once the market returns to step around 2950, ​​the trend cruise suggests that you gradually increase your position and rebound. Everyone expects the market to plunge every day, and there are thousands of stocks falling. For such people, we can only say that he does not understand the market, or that it is not feasible. The current market capital flow is accelerating inflow, and the funds outside the market are waiting to enter. Field, the external environment is improving, the United States has no interest rate hikes, China has the possibility of interest rate cuts, and then the biggest negative market affecting the market is about to reach an agreement. Where do you see that there will be thousands of stocks falling? Of course, if you want to shout reputation or you look at the current bull market with the previous bear market thinking, you can continue to shout thousands of stocks to limit! Because that day will end, there will be no this month, there will be next month; no this year, next year will be ... more analysis, please pay attention to "trend cruise."

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