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Theme stocks will control the overall situation

  [2019-05-15 06:54:51] 

    The current stock market has begun to numb to the positive and bad, especially in the past two days, the most obvious one day, the day to collect the stars, one day to close the T-line. In the time-sharing trend, the combination of the K-line is a sideways, and the fluctuations are getting smaller and smaller. Don't forget the two days, but there are two major days of big profits, but it seems that nothing happened in the A-shares. The disk reaction is dull and the trend is very random.

    Some people say that this trend is because the A shares have plummeted in front of them, and they have not moved, so they have not risen and fallen with the outer disk. On the surface, it seems a bit reasonable, but in fact it is undergoing tremendous changes within the stock market. The internal factors of the stock market have begun to play a major role. Why? It is because there are too many things in the recent past, the stock market has been difficult to cope with, and it is simply lying down on the ground, not listening to self-deprecation.

    So in the near future, everyone should not pay attention to what is good and bad, these may have zero effect on the recent stock market. Still have to go inside the stock market to find directions, what do you mean? It is to pay attention to which stocks are sent high, and which stocks have reported a quarterly performance increase. Which sector has fallen a lot in the past few days, which sectors have encountered the policy, and so on. More attention to newspaper news is more important than anything else.

No matter what the north and south winds, we have a style here, that is, to scrape the subject matter in the stock market. What kind of pre-existing stocks are still white horse stocks, no matter what the theme stocks or value investment. As long as it meets the short-term logic of the market, you can ignore the big market index, because there is no chance in the short-term, it is a sideways, what do you care about it.

The theme stocks will take control of the overall situation.
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