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Prepare to layout next week's market

  [2019-03-14 05:36:44] 
Yesterday, the market's trend was fairly stable. It was only a few times that the disk was oscillated several times, which also shocked investors. In general, the index enteredThe 3060 point area is the shock zone. This zone will form a new platform when it is stable. Then the index will have a second upswing, and it is also possible to increase the number of points. Of course, this is an optimistic idea, but it is normal. Said that the index is5Near the daily line, you must first build a bottom to challenge the previous high, and then you can3200The impact near the point, of course, the shock must have this process, because the market has risen so much since the Spring Festival, there is no real adjustment, I still said that even in the bull market, you need to shock the dish, do not wash the plate How far can the market go? However, the main force of this wave of market is well prepared. Every stock has the main funds lurking or the time when the market wants to rise. This is the main reason, because the overall trend of the market continues to run upwards. The hot spot of the market is still in the power, the concept of the Internet of Things, etc., what chip concept, venture capital concept, these will be repeatedly speculated, but must wait for this wave to really stabilize The best operation is Friday, because today is Thursday, I am afraid that the shorts will be pressed, so investors are cautiously involved today, and tomorrow's market can be laid out tomorrow.
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