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[Liu Yanguo: Is the market going down or breaking through? 】

  [2019-04-15 08:38:15] 

It has created a new high in the early stage and has been adjusted. There are subtle differences in different places.

Both the SSE 50 Index and the Shanghai Composite Index have both set new highs and have also been adjusted. However, the MACD indicator is not dead today. That is to say, from today's point of view, there has not been a top divergence.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the small and medium board index also created a new high and adjusted, but the MACD indicator has formed a dead fork, and the small and medium board has formed a dead fork one day earlier. This is the standard deviation of quantity and price. Deviation from the indicator.

The GEM is relatively unique, and it has also set a new high and adjusted. However, the MACD indicator did not have a golden cross before, but a trend of returning a carbine. Under the premise of not receiving the MACD red column, the green column is directly enlarged here. It is a very ugly indicator trend. By looking at the K-line, it can be seen that the market is now in a callback phase after breaking through the 3,300 points. The trend along the five-day line in the previous period has now fallen below the 10th line, but the 10-day line is not an important support level.

If the market is called back, it can only find potential support from the technical point of view. The previous high 3130 points is a point. Now it is the middle position, and it can be up and down.

In March, the company's data exceeded expectations, the US stocks gapped up, and the people's minds rose. On Monday, the market may have a flat open situation. At this time, it is necessary to open up the risk of falling back. I will list two data.

Recently, the three trend leaders in the market speculation, Shun Yu shares, Zhejiang Longsheng, Meijin Energy, the first two votes have begun to adjust, but there is no sign of stabilization, Mei Jin Energy just appeared on the first since last Friday The down limit is also a signal of adjustment. Before the three faucets have yet to be completely stabilized, the market will launch a new round of attack. The possibility exists of course, but the possibility of failure is great. After all, the trend is to adjust. If it is higher, It is necessary to beware. If you go high or go down or oscillate, you can still pay attention to the small V rebound expectation near the previous high point. Once the formation of the anti-package is formed, it is a wave of rapid rise.

The SSE MACD was in the low position for the first time. Small and medium-sized board means that several other indexes have already been forked. Seeing that technology should be observed from several angles, it is impossible to keep an eye on a cycle. No matter how the small cycle fluctuates, it must be unconditionally obeyed by the big cycle. If the market rebounds and rebounds in the next few days, and can't find new subject interventions, you can look for the previous subject matter. For example, chemical industry, military industry, generally have a resonance with the index rebound.

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