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Adjustment is for a new high

  [2019-03-14 00:21:13] 

On Wednesday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges were mixed. After the market opened, they plunged slightly after the market fell. The intraday sector was divided and the stocks were mixed. In particular, the overall adjustment of the heavyweights, while some of the theme stocks continued to be strong, the market operation enthusiasm remains. In the afternoon, after a rapid dip in the index, brokerage stocks began to rise, and the index quickly turned up and turned red. The GEM plunged down the market and oscillated, continuing the recent strong earthquake pattern,After the continuous pull-up, it ushered in the first drop, but mainly due to the drag of heavyweights such as Wen’s shares; in the news,twenty oneCentury Economic Report reported that many fund-raising companies are stepping up their promotion work to non-specific objects, and the scale of margin financing and securities lending transactions as on-the-spot leverage continues to expand. In fact, this is also the performance of the market when the market is good. It reflects the relative popularity of the current market.


Shen Jian’s point of view; many foreign institutions have clearly expressed their optimism this yearAPerformance of the stock, thinkAThe stock market is a big market. This aspect is due toAAfter three years of adjustment, the stock has attractive investment; on the other hand,AMany investors in the stock market do not have pricing power, especially some investors still stay in the stage of inquiring about the stocks. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for institutional investors who insist on value investment and adhere to fundamental research to provide a better chance of obtaining excess returns. I have always suggested that everyone should abandon the idea of ​​speculating stocks in the past, change investment ideas, invest in value, and strive to be good shareholders of the company. Meet by configuring the company’s equityAThe "Golden Decade" of the stocks is still worthy of attention for many of the oversold stocks that have not yet started at the bottom. ,Individual stocks continue to focus on Jicheng Electronics, Hemei Group, Orient, more favorite, Wanda movies


Operational recommendations; from the current point of view, focus on opportunities for low-end varieties,It can be tentatively low-suction, and the position can be increased again near the strong support level. In terms of plates, low-grade varieties such as medical biology, lithium batteries, military industry, national reform, and technology can be tapped. It is expected to rebound again after this round of adjustment

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