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After the holiday, the red envelope market should continue!

  [2019-02-11 09:12:37] 

After the holiday, the red envelope market should continue!


New year new hope, sad reminderThe "dog" year has passed, and the new "pig" year has begun again. Laojin wishes everyone good luck in the Year of the Pig and can realize their wealth freedom as soon as possible! First of all, let's review the market trend of the last trading day before the Spring Festival. If you use a word to describe it, it is a joy, whether it is an index or a stock is booming! Specific to the disk, the two cities only145Domestic stocks fell, daily limit46Natural limit43Only the daily limit8Both are a word board and a flash collapse stock, plummeting5%Less than the above stocks30This is the same as the previous day’s 100-share limit.500Stock decline5%Compared to the face of the disk, it is simply another style of painting.


Opportunity,The weight of the pre-holiday performance is expected to stop for a while after the festival. Once the funds coming from the name of foreign capital cease to perform, the opportunity for the theme stocks to grasp the market voice will come. For the GEM, the bad performance of the thunder has been fully realized, and most of the stocks that have just started at the bottom are expected to win big favors, especially those with relatively good performance, and a big wave of market demand is coming out. Growth stocks, as long as there is a bottom-volume situation, it is worthwhile to enter the market.


As for the holiday news, it seems that there are many but the overall situation is relatively calm. During the Spring Festival, Vice President Liu’s visit to the United States failed to complete the binding results. The latest round/US/trade/High-level consultations will be held this month14-15The day was held in Beijing, while on the external side, US stocks rose first and then fell, and the Dow Jones index rose.0.43%, the Nasdaq index has risen0.23%The performance of the external market did not exceed expectations. The small statistics show that these are really good, and the other isInsurance demon/fineonce againIncarnation/sweet;The second is to relax the financing and securities burst/The lower limit of the warehouse allows the broker to decide on its own;The third is to relax the risk of brokerage investment./Prepare/Gold restrictions, release more brokers' own investment funds;The fourth is to release the external access of the brokerage trading system. All these measures point to the stock market funds./source.


In short,2018Year has passed, greet with heart2019The year is coming, the win and the loss are all in the past, the new year begins, and the transaction is simple.,purely,patient,Dare to be honest, self-discipline, overcome the heartfear,Simultaneouslyhope everyoneTo2020Time,Can give yourselfAccount payablea satisfactoryAnswer sheetDon't let go of youth, live up to the time, live up to the expectations of your loved ones, and live up to your own efforts. The stock market is notbetfield,Thinkingday by dayoperatingEvery dayHaveReward; can not stand the empty position, boring and boring waiting, inevitably can not enjoy the skyrocketing, life is also true. Non-transaction genius, don't be full of warehouses every day, be an ordinary person, use diligence and risk control to balance the income, it is not difficult to manage the hand, when most people think that it is difficult to manage the hand, instead, the hand will become you The advantages.2019I hope you and I will go hand in hand!Ok, more news, let's see you live!More exciting welcome click to view》》》》》》》》》》2month11Day [Jinyinhua] real live interpretation


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