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After the callback near the 10-day line, it is expected to stabilize and rebound!

  [2019-03-14 08:35:46] 

After the callback near the 10-day line, it is expected to stabilize and rebound!


Wednesday's broad market opened higher and fell1.09%The major indices of Shenzhen Stock Exchange fell sharply, among which the GEM fell sharply.4.49%. A few sectors such as real estate, insurance and brewing rose, and brokers led the weights, unicorns Venture Capital's two science and technology concepts lead the way, pork, software, ultra high definition video, edge computing and5GOther topics led the decline. Individual stocks fell more and more, the daily limit66One of them12One, the daily limit is smashed70Limits46a big drop5%Above stocks535One.


YesterdaymarketTake a break againIn the whole, several major indexes are basically in the water downstream trend all the time, and there is a big diving in the end.HughwholemainDue to the split of high-end stocks and the deep blue-chips, the GEM plummeted, except for technology stocks, which were mainly due to the drag of pork stocks. Pork stocks were the strongest sector in recent months, reflecting high positions. The release of stock risks. Technology stocksPlungeIt is because the hot money is too short-sighted, one day a whole black technology theme, all want to create a new hot spot and want to be a lifted car, the end is continuous from a few days after the tour to the half-day tour and then to a while. EachAdjustmentBasically, it starts from the high-ranking stocks. Because the stocks of the high-end stocks under the extreme emotions are the same, the fact that many high-end stocks with long hype cycles are weak is a bad signal.


NextOperating center of gravityIt is necessary to pay attention to the high and low switching of individual stocks. Under such a large volume, the opportunities will not be concentrated only on one piece. The feng shui will rotate in turn. The key is to compare the advantages. The funds in the stocks that have risen higher will naturally be more inclined to safety and space.BiggerAdvantages of low stocks. Whether it is high or low is mainly based on the relative position of the stage. It is more cautious for the ticket to rise for a long time, especially if it has risen a few waves. Once it has risen, it has to pay attention to the position change, even if the position is high, it may be The problem is not big, but it may be a new breakthrough. The impact of high-position strong stocksThursdayThere will be inertia, and then into the emotional repair, but the main repair is not their own but the emotional impact on other stocks.


The market shrinks, and the high point of the previous few days has not broken.3100The point has become a short-term pressure, but it is not a wave of decline, but the short-term need to absorb the pressure of the profit-taking plate through shock consolidation.,The market is expected to be10Stabilizing near the daily line.As forPoor capitalNo needThe fuss, in fact, has been passed for a few days and this is the inevitable move to regulate the industry to promote the healthy development of the market, which is the emotional fluctuations under the influence of short-term. For the index, you can expect less but not pessimistic. The structural differentiation market under the shock is coming. There are so many daily increase and stop tickets that the profit-making effect still exists. There are quite a few opportunities, and the probability that people who don’t do it will only chase after the loss will increase a lot. In the short-term, you can still lightly index stocks, but you need to select stocks and control the rhythm. Strong stocks will continue to play out the knockouts. Follow the trend of stocks to be carefully pursued. Opportunities mainly go to the hotline stocks of the main line to find out when the stocks are hot. It is important to focus on high throws. The main line still has to look at science and technology and technology, securities companies and other financial weights are mainly used to regulate the index, if there is more, there will still be fundsSupport plate.More news, we will see you live!More exciting welcome click to view》》》》》》》》》》3month14Day [Jinyinhua] real live interpretation


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