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Benign adjustments don't need to worry too much!

  [2019-04-15 08:39:46] 

Benign adjustments don't need to worry too much!


Last Friday, the market opened lower and shocked slightly.0.04%In the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, only the GEM is up. Diversified financial, agricultural, power, construction and brokerage sectors were among the top gainers, with pharmaceuticals, home appliances, steel, real estate, autos and nonferrous metals leading the decline. Fuel cell, pork and intellectual property concepts led the way, transparent factories, industrial/Leading to the concepts of hemp, chemicals, super fungi and gold. Individual stocks rose and fell, and the daily limit was reduced to51One of them8One, the daily limit is smashed32One of them4The daily limit is green; the daily limit is increased totwenty foura big drop5%Above stocks138One.


The market showed a weak shock pattern. Most of the time, the market weakened. The disk showed a weight-protection, a blue-chip strategy, and a high-level theme.,The low-end hot spot brewing and some trend theme trend stocks continue the strong pattern.Hot topics are old and new, basically there is a fight,The process of market adjustment is a process of brewing new hot spots.butNew hotspots are switching faster than the old hotspots for several days, and most new hotspots have gone through the field.mode. The new theme of the day's rising plate effect is basically a cruel knockout next day. A large number of sets that can't be bought and bought can't be bought. Now it's not the previous two cities' trading volume of two or three billion yuan. Those strong funds that are involved in the deep trend will never end because of the temporary adjustment. For example, the strong pork sector in the previous period is the second wave of adjustment in half a month, and the two major industries with the strongest trend in the near future./The concept of hemp and fuel cells can change trends without a temporary adjustment. The risk of compensatory stocks is the biggest risk on the market on Friday, and their release of the risk of falling losses makes the short-term loss effectThursdayWhen the index falls, it is even more horrible. After this panic, it will generally have a emotional repair along with the change. Individuals tend to have a tinkering under the emotional repair in the short-term. The new cycle of emotional transition still needs time to brew.


The market shrinks and shrinks, the decline slows down but the lack of is the offensive. The adjustment was still difficult to say, but the company appeared after the market./The benefits of merging data may interfere with the short-term rhythm.A50The rise of US stocks will inevitably lead to a high opening, and it will not be much better if it is higher.tooIf you have more, try to wait until you fall back.SearchingLook for structural opportunities. In fact, the structural opportunities have been there for a few days, but the rhythm is too difficult.graspAs the risk of strong stocks is released continuously, their lethality to the market will decrease, and structural opportunities will be more, but they still have to pay attention to rhythm and emotional repair.veryIt's hard to get along quickly, and the intraday trading may be fluctuating back and forth. In the short-term operation, it is advisable to follow the mainstream hotspots of the disk to participate moderately. It is still not advisable to be too aggressive, and follow the trend of high stocks.More news, we will see you live!More exciting welcome click to view》》》》》》》》》》4month15Day [Jinyinhua] real live interpretation


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