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How to grasp the last high throwing opportunity!

  [2019-04-15 00:27:44] 

First of all, I want to [seriously declare]:

  The large-scale physical fitness index is not software, but the public data that I extracted from several software-ready software. After a self-made formula, a self-made indicator can not be a commodity, nor can it be an independent property. Selling, all I did was to make a communication with the bloggers, to prove their worth, and there was no intention of advertising; I hope to get the understanding and support of the network administrators!

"Weekly indicator data and reviews"

(April 12, 2019)

Bo friends, I said in the weekend comment last week (April 4): "It is expected that the stock index will continue to be strong and open up next Monday to complete the final short-selling; if it is higher or higher If you are too big, you should consider the possibility that the high point of the weekly line will occur on Tuesday and Tuesday. In particular, you should be alert to the amount that can be released too much. If the quantity is too large, it means that the empty order is out, the empty order is out, and the long position will be rushed. Back to the brakes, so as not to run away with the windshield, so the possibility of falling back in the first half of the week is relatively large, if the amount of fallback is not too large, after short-term finishing (2-3 days) will be pulled up again; do not advocate short, but The relative high point of the full warehouse friends next Wednesday can be slightly reduced by a certain position" (please ask the bloggers to check the full text "The Last Strike on the Bears";

Bo friends, the rhythm of the market last week was once again accurately grasped by us. On Monday, the stock index opened sharply higher. After a short period of overshoot, it turned into the expected adjustment. On Wednesday, the counter-draw was undoubtedly providing us with a Excellent opportunity to lighten up! So is the possibility that the original expected consolidation will be pulled up again after two days? Now, not only does it exist but it is still very likely; let us first look at the situation of the large-scale physical fitness index: although the downward slope of the physical fitness index has been formed last week, the medium- and long-term moving averages have not gone bad, and they are all located in the physical fitness index. The old investors are familiar with such an experience. If the average is on the downside, it is definitely a kind of resistance or pressure. If it is running upwards, it is not necessarily the case. When the slope is large, it has a certain upward traction. We call it the gravitation of the stock price; but the downward slope of the physical fitness indicator actually reflects the intention of the main force to flee. If you don’t chase, he will run. If you dare to chase, he will turn back and slap you again. This situation once again constitutes the example I listed in the commentary on "Retirement of the main force"; interested friends go to see it myself, I will not repeat it here;

It is expected that the main force next Monday will definitely rely on the favorable factors of the external disk upswing, and then play a game of fleeing after the first emptying; or it will roughly copy the trend characteristics of the market at the beginning of last week. Need to be reminded that The retreat of the strong will be accompanied by repeated counterattacks, and next week is no exception. It is estimated that it will come again on Wednesday or Thursday. It is hard to say how high it can be. But even if it hits a new high, it may be your last. A high-throwing opportunity; so heavy-duty friends should not forget to ralli, but the stock index futures should be cautious, after all, it is different from stocks! Like this kind of strong adjustment, the deviation from the counter-extraction also has the possibility of a new high; bloggers, because of the time relationship, the comments are written so much, the above analysis, personal views, for reference only! I wish you a happy operation next week!

Attached to the last week's large body physical indicators data:

Year-Month-Day. Week--Physical Index--5 Day Line-10 Day Line--20 Day Line--60 Day Line

April 12th. V---71.1---84.5---85.4---81.3---73.9

April 11th. Four—78.5—8—8—8——81.3——72.9

April 10th. Three---88.3---93.0---82.9---81.2---71.9

April 09. Two --- 90.6 --- 93.0 --- 81.0 --- 80.8 --- 70.5

April 08. One---93.7---91.5---80.2---80.2---69.1

April 04. Four---97.5---86.5---80.0---79.6---67.6

April 03. Three---95.0---78.7---79.2---79.6---66.0

April 02. 2—88.2—7-8—7-8—79.8—6-8

April 01. One---83.3---69.2---77.8---80.1---63.0

Attached to the actual performance map of several large-scale physical indicators for bloggers to appreciate:
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