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Increased pressure on the broader market today

  [2019-03-14 06:19:04] 

Yesterday, the market oscillated slightlyFall, the tail is slightly diving,The disk hotspot is messy, and technically, the daily kd indicator runs down, although MAC d indicators bottomed out, but yesterday the net outflow of funds is very large, close to 8 billion, so the current technical point of viewresistanceLarger, the index will fall back down. I have already introduced it to you before. The index is near the 5th line. I want to continue to run upwards. I have to form a new platform here, but as the pressure on the top is getting bigger and bigger, before there is no new favorable policy. I am afraid that the upward space is extremely limited, so after the two Yangxian lines on the previous day, the gold pickerContinuous reminderEveryone needs to lighten up their positions.At present, the overall trend is that the index can run slowly after forming a platform near the 5-day line..After the Spring Festival, the main force pulled so much, thisLocationIt will definitely be digested once, and it will continue to rise only after thorough digestion. Therefore, regardless of the trend of the midline, the short-term has already reached the point of washing. Therefore, at present, try not to open a new position, avoid it and try to avoid it. After the index has been oscillating here for a few trading days, if the policy is better, then it will surely stand firm and break through. This is the trend of the recent market. Even if there is a hot spot on the market today, investors should wait and see. After all, today is Thursday, the legendary black Thursday, I am afraid that the main reason is that it is not necessary to completely wash the dishes. So it is better to watch carefully. Even if the market is adjusted, we should not rush to rebound. We must wait until Friday is stable before making a decision. Recently, we have been letting everyone lighten up. It is estimated that there are only a few positions left. After this wave stabilizes, then we will re-intervene for the next wave. opportunity.

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