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The disk is ready to enter the rebound phase

  [2019-04-15 06:23:59] 

Last week, the market started to fall back after 3288 points, and then a long Yinxian line appeared on Thursday. There was no change on Friday, and a fake Yangxian line was received. So the current market trend has continued to step back down. The sign of the gap, the gap below is 3111~2999 points, which is the gap of 10 points, but from the technical analysis, the market is at most 90 points down space, then can these 90 points be replenished? According to the current trend analysis, if the gap of the 90 points is covered, the main force needs to be quickly pressed, because there is no obvious negative news at the moment, and the good news is still good, in this case. It is impossible for the main force to warm the frog's downward pressure plate, so as long as the short action slows down, it will inevitably lead to off-site resistance, so I personally think that regardless of the gap in the middle line, can it be replenished, this week's first half of the week It is still based on rebound, so there should be no problem in the first half of this week. This year, the market will be dominated by rebounds.

1. Today, the market is slightly higher and higher, and the index is not dragged, so investors can keep their shares and continue to pursue positions.

2, today's broader market opened slightly higher, or directly fell back or high, but as long as it is bottoming out, always keep it near the red plate, so investors can also find hot spots.

3, after the opening of the market today, continue to shock and fall, such a probability is very low, if there is such a trend, the index must fall back around 3150 points, involved in the rebound.

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