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2.10 early trading: the market is still dull after the holiday

  [2019-02-11 06:18:51] 

Pre-holiday review: On the last trading day before the holiday, the market ended with a strong rebound, which made countless investors deeply saddened. In the case of many uncertain factors and the decline of economic growth, the capital market is also gone. One year's entanglement, the rebound in the last trading day allows investors to pass a traditional holiday with peace of mind, then what kind of market will this market be after the festival?

 The first support level of the market today fell2600Point, second support level attention2580Point, the first pressure position of the upper gear is2630Near the point, the second pressure is at2650point.

Today's trend: Europe and the US stock index holiday rose and fell, the holiday news is relatively stable, there is no new stock subscription today, it is expected that the market will continue to appear flat or slightly open, the possibility of large, overall the market will not be much improvement, the festival On the first trading day, the daily line may continue to maintain this dull pattern, and the daily line is a high probability of continuing to receive Xiaoyin, Xiaoyang or the cross star line.

Today's operation: The last trading day before the index festival is strong, and the trend of daily long-term is slightly stabilized. The performance of individual stocks is abnormal.Bin brother thinks the specific operationEveryone still needs to adopt a rolling operation and continue to implement the strategy of buying and selling.For the short-term moving averages, the long-term stocks and the upward trend of the stocks are mainly held by stocks. For the average-line bond, it is necessary to choose the direction to see more and less, and the trend of downward selection is far away.Repeatedly reducing your own costs, of course, it is necessary to emphasize that the position still needs appropriate control.

Judging from the trend of the market before the festival, my judgment is that this is to let everyone live a traditional holiday and intend to present a Zhongyang line, but I have said this one time. The Yangxian line simply cannot change the current status of the market, such as rising and falling, and it can't change the situation that small and medium-sized investors can't short the market and face the market downturn. It can't change the speculative thinking of investors and the large funds to crush small and medium-sized funds. The status quo, Bin Ge believes that because the holiday did not see more of the benefits we hope to see, the market will be very likely to fall back on the first trading day after the holiday, especially in the last trading day before the festival. Investors are more likely to choose the status quo of leaving the bag or leaving the opportunity. Based on the fact that Bin Ge believes that the post-holiday market will still maintain the momentum of the pre-holiday market, it may be adjusted. It is very difficult to rise. The pattern, the market will still maintain the inherent status quo, the short-term can not be changed, the market remains flat is still unavoidable.

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