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3.14 early: a phenomenon needs attention

  [2019-03-14 08:24:00] 

Yesterday's review: The GEM has temporarily stopped its madness in the case of adjustments in most technology stocks. The index has fallen sharply in the late session, while at the same time it is more stable with heavy financial concepts and liquor stocks. But this has not been able to drive the market to strengthen, so what does this phenomenon mean?

 The first support level of the market today fell3000Point, second support level attention2980Point, the first pressure position of the upper gear is3050Near the point, the second pressure is at3080point.

Today's trend: the overall performance of European and American stock indexes is stable, and the news is still calm overnight. Today, the two new stocks are being purchased. It is expected that the market will continue to show a small opening. The overall trend is that there will still be a downward trend in the market. The overall trend continues. The possibility of seeking support is large, and it is not ruled out that the index has once again experienced a sharp drop in the intraday.Before the 20-day line does not appear to be effectively broken, it can be temporarily strategically seen.

Today's operation: the index will fall again in the short term5th and10Daily line (mainly GEM)The market once again showed signs of a net outflow of funds.Bin Ge believes that the market's slump in today's market is in line with Binge's early warning that the market will be cautious and careful if it can't fully recover the index of last Friday's plunging within three days.Today's operational strategy suggests to see more and less, waiting for the formation and arrival of better trends.

From the trend of yesterday's market, technology stocks have indeed experienced the phenomenon of capital flight and outflow. If we think of last Friday's plunge as unprepared, then the main force will start to do more, then we can see yesterday's adjustment. As a result of the fleeing of funds, from the overall performance of the market and hot spots, the first main board has obvious protection activities (including brokers, electrical appliances and liquor), and the hot spots in the market become scattered and disordered. It can be said that the market is slightly swaying and we can feel the footsteps of capital flight. Of course, another phenomenon worthy of our attention in the market is also very important. That is, the market may have a 28-fold conversion phenomenon, that is to say, adjustment in small and medium-sized enterprises. In the meantime, whether the main board will rise will determine how the next market will go, whether the index will be adjusted in depth, and whether the 28th conversion will succeed requires our close attention.

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