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The opening market will continue to run on the upside

  [2019-02-11 05:49:50] 

The New Year has passed very quickly. It has not been this kind of relaxation for a long time, and I really want the continuation of this atmosphere.

The 2018 stock market is somewhat bleak, with more than 2019 hopes. After all, this market carries too many people's desires and wishes. Jiangnan has always reminded everyone that stable investors can participate in the investment of index funds, and the first 2,500 points index space is far greater than the next. Landmines can be circulated during the second annual report. From January, Jiangnan’s index fund 100038 achieved 7.47% of the proceeds. Maybe you are busy in the stock market every day, and you don’t necessarily have this benefit. This is also a way of investing, easy and easy, saving you more time and effort. The time and energy saved will be appropriately involved in the trading of commodity futures, and the investment ideas will be broadened. The future investment market will be more abundant.

The first day of the opening year will continue the trend of the year, and will challenge the upper rail area 2630-2650. From the perspective of the income of index funds, the weight sector will continue to be the market stability army, individual stocks will begin to differentiate, and the mood of expecting a good start will continue.

The article only represents my own view of the broader market. The articles involved in the article are only used for learning and analysis, and no basis for operation. Reprint my article, please indicate the author and source.

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