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Pay attention to the adjustment of the market into the weekly level

  [2019-03-14 06:42:52] 

In the analysis on Monday night, it was pointed out that the launch of the Kechuang board could be carried out before the news was confirmed, but once the news was promoted, it should be temporarily avoided. The news of the speed increase of the science and technology board on the early morning of Tuesday made the decline of the GEM today. The launch of the science and technology board will definitely be a complete success, and the stock of the science and technology board will definitely have a good performance. This is the need of the science and technology board. That is to say, Jiangnan’s analysis in yesterday’s analysis, at least in this launching process, you have to temporarily withdraw from the wait-and-see attitude. As for the impact, whether it is big or not, it is the attitude of avoiding.

The Shanghai Composite Index has a wide-ranging volatility. Jiangnan also told short-term positions on Monday that it can properly lock in profits. In this shock, it is necessary to evade the previous highs. Some of them have to be lifted a little, and the amount can also be matched. In the near future, there will be a requirement for compensatory growth in the shock, and it can be involved in the short-term. Or use the withdrawal funds for T operations.

The market also saw the short-term lock profit prompted by Jiangnan, and then waited for another wait. Tomorrow, pay attention to 2993 points and 2950 points (previous low). Pay close attention to the 2993 point. Once the market is broken, it will likely enter the weekly level adjustment, which means that the adjustment has spatial depth and time width. Everyone must lock in profits in a timely manner. If the index is repeated, it will be a major strategy.

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