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This point determines whether the daily adjustment is over.

  [2019-04-15 05:36:05] 

Securities Review:

By the weekend, the time is really fast. The weather is also very good today and the sun is shining. Take time out in the morning to write a little sense, or analyze it.

Overall, I think the market is still short and long. The short-term daily line has adjustment requirements, while the monthly indicator continues to be good.

The question is how big is the short space. I can only say that I take a step and look at it. Of course, before the disk trend, we can also predict a region. All of them are based on the disk, and there is a pre-judgment. There is preparation.

The hot spot in the sector should be a bit of a sustained state-owned enterprise reform. Of course, there is another factor here that is the stagflation in the previous period. Electricity, cars.

Monday operation points: The next point will look at the 3130-3150 area next week. Looking at the market from 30 minutes, there is also anti-twitching energy. The key is whether the 3220 can be effectively recovered. It determines whether the daily adjustment is over. The mid-term monthly market indicators continued to be good.

Maintain the position ratio. The high-selling stocks were oversized, and the stocks were stagflation on dips. Or rest and wait for technical indicators to be fixed.

Have a short chat on the weekend. The puppy dog ​​is going to the park to play, and then I am tempted to lose my temper. I will go to Hangzhou to watch the game in the afternoon. Everyone is happy for the weekend.

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