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Bond channel
Flash News:
Yield ranking
Abbreviation Closing price(yuan) rate of return(%)
15 national debt 28 95.40 4.11
National debt 1528 95.50 4.11
18 national debt 17 97.81 4.10
15 national debt 17 97.61 4.09
17 national debt 15 99.55 4.08
16 Treasury Bond 08 90.90 4.07
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National debt Corporate bond Convertible bond
Central bank bill Financial debt short-term bond
Asset Securitization Bond fund  
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Bond market Exchange market
Shanghai government bond Shanghai Enterprise Bond Shanghai Convertible Bond Repurchase
Deep national debt Deep corporate bond Deep debt
Interbank market
Bond data
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Exchange index chart
Analysis of the value of investment in convertible bonds New bond
Bond announcement  
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On the funds side, the funds of the last two trading days[detailed]

Institutional column
Bank of Nanjing

7-day repo rate continues to fall[detailed]

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