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    Ministry of Finance: A total of 8654 PPP management library projects with an investment of 13.2 trillion yuan

    2019-02-11 11:40:24

    Economic daily

    On January 31, the Ministry of Finance and the Social Capital Cooperation Center released statistics showing that as of the end of December 2018, the National Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Integrated Information Platform Management Library project increased by 1517 compared with the end of December 2017. The amount is 2.4 trillion yuan; the total number of management warehouse projects is 8,654, and the investment amount is 13.2 trillion yuan.

    At the same time, the number of landing projects increased by 1962, with an investment of 2.6 trillion yuan. The landing rate increased by 16 percentage points year-on-year; the total number of projects reached 4,691, the investment amount was 7.2 trillion yuan, and the landing rate was 54.2%. The number of projects started increased by 1078% year-on-year; the number of projects started was 2,237, the investment amount was 3.2 trillion yuan, and the operating rate was 47.7%.

    In terms of industry, the top three net increase projects in the same period of the year were municipal engineering, ecological construction, environmental protection, and transportation, with 703, 284, and 228 respectively; the top three net increase in investment was urban comprehensive development and transportation. Municipal engineering, respectively, was 674.9 billion yuan, 664 billion yuan, and 591 billion yuan. The top three cumulative projects in the management library are municipal engineering, transportation, ecological construction and environmental protection, which are 3,381, 1,236, and 827 respectively. The top three cumulative investment projects are municipal engineering, transportation, and urban comprehensive development. It is 4 trillion yuan, 3.8 trillion yuan, and 1.8 trillion yuan.

    In terms of demonstration project implementation, there were 989 demonstration projects in four batches with an investment of 2.2 trillion yuan. The landing demonstration project increased by 298 net-years, with an investment of 477.8 billion yuan, and the landing rate increased by 4.8 percentage points year-on-year. A total of 895 demonstration projects have been put on the ground, with an investment of 2 trillion yuan and a landing rate of 90.5%. In terms of private enterprise participation, 1,589 social capitals were signed, of which private enterprises accounted for 39.8%; the number of private capital background projects was 467, and the investment amount was 788.1 billion yuan, accounting for 52.2% and 39.2% of the demonstration projects respectively.

    According to the PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance, the potential financial risks of PPP projects have been effectively monitored and controlled. The platform already has the function of dynamically monitoring the financial expenditure responsibility and financial affordability of PPP projects. According to the monitoring data at the end of December, the country's 2,503 fiscal levels are below the 10% red line of financial capacity, and more than 70% of them are below 7%. Interval. Another five levels are over 10% in individual years.

    Among the 832 poverty-stricken counties in the country, 458 have explored the use of the PPP model to support poverty alleviation, accounting for 55%. The total number of projects in the management pool is 1,414, and the investment amount is 1.2 trillion yuan; of which 633 are landed projects with an investment of 567.5 billion yuan. The pollution prevention and green low-carbon projects accumulated 4,766 in the management database, with an investment of 4.7 trillion yuan. In terms of private enterprise participation, 4,550 social capital ownership information perfect projects involve 7,781 social capital, of which 34.9% are private enterprises; 1961 private investment projects and 2.3 trillion yuan of investment, accounting for 43.1 of the above 4,550 projects. % and 32.5%.

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