This year, the third bank can convert bonds! Su Yin Convertible Bonds Open Online Subscription Today

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Third single bank this yearConvertible debtFirst orderCity commercial bankThe convertible bond Suyin convertible bonds opened online subscription on March 14.

Su Yin Convertible Bonds for Listed City FirmsBank of Jiangsu(Quotes600919,Medical stock)issued. The announcement shows that Su Yin convertible debt subject and debt rating are both AAA, coupon rate is 0.2% in the first year, 0.8% in the second year, 1.5% in the third year, 2.3% in the fourth year, 3.5% in the fifth year, 4.0% for six years, the redemption price is 111% of the face value of the bond (including the last interest).

Previously,Ping An Bank(Quotes000001,Medical stock)Convertible bond,CITIC Bank(Quotes601998,Medical stock) Convertible bonds are popular among investors.

Different from stockHit newThe convertible bond purchase has no requirement for the market value in the account, and the stock account can participate in the online subscription of the convertible bond.

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