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    The central bank suspended the reverse repurchase operation on the 18th consecutive day

    2019-04-15 09:12:15

    Financial bond

    Financial sector bond news China's central bank's open market today has no reverse repurchase operations, and the reverse repurchase operation has been suspended for the 18th consecutive day. This week's irreversible repo expired, with 367.5 billion MLFs due on Wednesday (April 17).

    As of April 12, compared with last Thursday, the inter-bank pledged repo rate, R001 up 122.30 BP, R007 up 48.80 BP, R014 up 41.17 BP. In terms of deposit-type pledged repo rate, DR001 is up 122.89BP, DR007 is up 39.99BP, and DR014 is up 51.20 BP. It shows that as the tax period approaches, the interest rate of inter-bank funds has gradually increased.

    On April 12, SHIBOR was 2.6520% overnight, up 123.50BP; SHIBOR was 2.6690% for the week, up 25.10 BP; January SHIBOR was 2.6860%, up 2.20BP, March SHIBOR was 2.7610%, up 0.30 BP . SHIBOR has a higher short-term interest rate. Last week, the central bank did not open its market operations and achieved zero return.

    Last week, the central bank announced that the newly added social financing in March was 2.86 trillion yuan, which exceeded expectations. The growth rate of the social welfare industry indicates that the future economy is expected to bottom out. Coupled with the apparent rebound in inflation in March,Haitong SecuritiesThe Jiang Chao team believes that this means that the need for further easing of the central bank's monetary policy has dropped significantly, and the probability of future RRR reduction may be significantly weakened.

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