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    Why is Dong Secretary so hoisted?

    2019-05-15 08:45:25

    Talk about the debts

    The annual salary of 4.8 million in these two daysMindray MedicalDong Mi, publicly despised the minority shareholders at the shareholders meeting, the matter continued to ferment after being detonated by public opinion, and the secretary-general was forced to apologize publicly.

    However, if you look at the stock since the listing in October 18, Mindray Medical's share price has risen from 58 yuan to 150 yuan, the company's market value has risen from 70 billion to 180 billion, you will understand why she is so arrogant and so proud. Pampered.

    This matter reminds me of a story that Ermao told me before.

    Ermao said that for various reasons, he repeatedly went to an industry star enterprise for research. This listed company has caught up with the market in the past, and the stock has risen fiercely. Various types of investors who come to investigate have been in constant stream. The number is even more numerous.

    In 16 years, it caught up with the bond bull market. Corporate bonds once became the target of the company's looting. The three-year corporate bond rate was once released to 4%.

    At that time, the company was radiant, and the industry was the only one who respected me. It was really beautiful.

    According to the original words of Ermao, "The bond investors who went to the company at that time were very uncomfortable with the investigation. The young guys responsible for the reception were very temperate and answered the investors' questions and wanted to kill people."

    Ermao said that he was thinking at the time, so arrogant, maybe one day fell a big head.

    Soon with the advancement of financial deleveraging and the strengthening of the government's invisible debt, the company unexpectedly encountered Waterloo in the process of open market financing, and then the double-killing of stocks and bonds almost pushed the company to a dead end.

    If it is not to catch up with this wave of government assistance to private enterprises, enterprises are estimated to have hung up.

    I believe that all the old drivers often go to various kinds of corporate research before, and will definitely encounter various bond issuers.

    Although we say that we have problems with research, to feel the issuer, and to observe the enterprise, although it will not necessarily have much to gain, the spirit of the company at the research site represents the image, strength and values ​​of the company to a certain extent.

    Of course, like those AAA companies, you don't have to mention it. People are really good, then there is no way.

    I remember once I went to a certain city in the central province to invest in the investigation. At the investigation site, after the introduction of the situation, the issuer’s financing minister crossed his hands on his chest and leaned back on the chair. I will not introduce the situation. If you have any questions, please ask. I have a tight time and I will have a meeting later. At that moment, I lost my interest in this business.

    However, this city vote rating from AAA+ mentioned AAA.

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