Today's news 2018-11-9

Liu Shiyu and Chief Economist Talk to Release Three Signals

More than 30 chief economists from the securities fund industry attended the symposium and participated in the symposium.

Zhonghong delisted! On the 16th, the market entered and exited the market, and many institutions were trapped.

On the evening of November 8, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange made a decision to determine the share price of Zhonghong shares for 20 consecutive trading days.

Private entrepreneurs get a gift! Guo Shuqing’s loan is not lower than this number.

Reducing the financing difficulties of private enterprises is a hot topic in the near future. Following the embargo of the People’s Bank of China, Yi Gang said that three funds should be used.

Beijing 100,000+ luxury listing, why is the 80,000 price limit red line broken?

Since the regulation of the Beijing property market, there has been an unwritten "red line", that is, the new disk has been approved.

Demon stocks can be deliberately demon! Optimizing transaction supervision is not abandoning supervision

The signal passed by the tube is: the market is not non-speculative, but speculation should be earned from market price fluctuations.

Dong Shaopeng: Setting up the board is different from setting up the GEM 9 years ago

Recently, all parties in the society are very concerned about the system design and the pace of launching the science and technology board. Currently, China

The price cut is 6000 meters / square meter is blocked. Who does not want the house price to fall?

What did the developer do? Price reduction! This is not a big news anymore, Vanke, Country Garden, Heng

Ren Zhengfei: It was not until 2006 that I really abandoned my suicidal thoughts.

As a pioneer in the high-quality development of China's dairy industry, Mengniu will internationalize as one of its core development strategies.

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