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2018 China Venture Wulin Conference will open in Beijing next week

2018-09-13 14:52:02

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The "2018 China Venture Wulin Conference" jointly organized by Zero2IPO Group, the investment community and Xinsheed will be held at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing on September 18-20, 2018. A martial arts contract for 13 years will be launched. .

2018 marks the fortieth anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Looking back on the past, the battlefield of the times has constantly changed, the business ecology has ushered in continuous breakthroughs, and innovation and entrepreneurship have ushered in one innovation after another! Now China's entrepreneurial martial arts conference will rekindle the war, gather the elite of venture capital, and once again break through the boundaries of innovation and entrepreneurship in the name of the industry!

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2018 China's top 50 most valuable investment companies will be announced soon

Entrepreneurship of the rivers and lakes, swords and shadows, the majority of enterprises in the world to win the Central Plains. In 2018, China's venture capital Jianghu Huashan sword, than the 2018 China's top 50 most valuable investment companies (hereinafter referred to as Venture50). Previous Venture50 prelude - the top 300 list of the new shoots and the top 300 companies in the list of the top have been announced on August 28, 2018! As the first enterprise investment dimension in China, the list of the top 50 most valuable investment companies in China will be announced at the summit, and the top 50 of the new shoots will be selected on the spot and will be held on the evening of September 20. Awards ceremony.

The three themes of intelligent technology, consumption upgrade and medical health bring together the strongest energy of entrepreneurship

The 2018 China Venture Wulin Conference will set up 16 industry audio-visual storms including artificial intelligence, enterprise services, high-end manufacturing, new retail, pan-entertainment, financial technology, medical technology and equipment, aiming to pass 3 days, spanning 3 Under the strong support of the popular hotspots, Wanjia boutique projects, and more than 100 participating institutions and industry media, the leading industry-leading investors and entrepreneurs from all fields are engaged in the annual industry spirits collision.

Well-known venture capital big coffee came to the scene, and the group took the opportunity to start a river

The conference brought together industry-leading investment giants and entrepreneur leaders to conduct on-the-spot exchanges on cutting-edge topics in the industry. The guests included Liu Wei, CEO of Baidu Venture Capital, Shi Zhishan, General Manager of Beiqi Production Investment, Xu Xiaolin, Chairman and Founding Partner of Huagai Capital, Yu Lifeng, Managing Partner of Yuanxing Capital, Zhang Jiang, Managing Partner of Ping An Venture Capital, and Founding of Asia Business Capital Partner, Zhang Qiong, President of Asia Business Group, and Guo Jin, co-founder of Ruixing Coffee, Editor-in-Chief of "Creation 101", Lu Wei, Partner of Qiwei Power, Founder and Chairman of Hot Life, Dong Dong, Director of Ma Rong Dental More than 100 venture capital leaders including Chang Shao Zongzong and others appeared at the summit. With their own entrepreneurial experience and investment experience, they opened up the fog on the road of venture capital and inspired all the entrepreneurs and investors who are on the road to entrepreneurship.

The China Entrepreneurship Wulin Conference took 12 years to witness the progress of China's entrepreneurial market, and recorded a number of famous names on a rigorous list. What entrepreneurs will be recorded in 2018, and which entrepreneurial projects will be rewritten to become the next "unicorn" that is attacking? A final feast will be staged on September 18-20, 2018!

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