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I hate these labels more than 95 afterwards!

2018-12-10 16:05:49

Financial sector websiteFirst Financial Business Data Center

After 90 years of growth under the sneak peek of the public, it is now half a time to follow the stage spotlights. However, those "experts" can all sit under the stands. After 95, they can't escape the fate of being "perspective." It is an indisputable fact that the "scripts" given by the visitors are still excessively DRAMA.

Today, Data Jun wants to talk about the labels of the 95-year-old heads, not to mention that they are not very happy, and they can't stand after changing to the 15th. The complaint 5 is clearly stated:


Beyond the maintenance consciousness of the previous generation,

It became "premature aging" in ANTI?

Not to mention the 60-year-old and 70-year-old Auntie’s mother still taking pictures in the gym. After 90, she still enjoys the treatment of “brother” and “sister” after 00. After 95, she has to prevent “early age” and “premature aging”. "The big flag?"

Just because of the beauty of the beauty after the 90s of Pentium III,Beauty instrument with face-lifting, firming and other functionsBuying hard work? Just because of the hair care products in shampooAnti-hair loss productsLooks positive? Just because ofDietary fiber, grape seed extract and collagenAre anti-aging and conditioning gastrointestinal health foods increasingly sought after?

——CBNDatax Tmall International "2017 Tmall International Annual Consumption Trend Report"

Because of the above-mentioned advanced maintenance awareness, it is to be understood as the "awe-inspiring heart" of "premature aging" and "old-age"? Isn't this the embodiment of "love yourself more, know how to love yourself"? Just like middle-aged women don't like to hear the words "early and more", you have a "premature aging" for the young boys and girls who are worthy of Fanghua. They are not covered with sacks. It is cultivated after 95.


Don't like to make a single order with someone,

Is the empty and empty "empty nest" youth?

From the sympathy of the empty nesters to the compassion for the empty nest youth, the public sentiment is a perfect transition. I am really grateful to the attention of the people. I have given full decentness without launching a collective fundraising. After 95, as an adult who is not physically and mentally weak, a little independent, it becomes empty and lonely.

Indeed, from the data point of view, they love "one person to eat" more than other age groups. On the take-away platform, the change from “group meal” to “one person meal” is a holistic trend, but compared to all ages, you can seeAfter 95, the group with the most “one person”After the 90s and 80s, they are behind.

——CBNData x word of mouth "2018 Life Consumption Trend Report"

However, just relying on the bold consumption temperament of "single-single", it is determined that "the lack of love" after 95; a little home, it becomes a "social phobia"; a little bit of not wanting to talk, it becomes "autism" Patient", will it be a bit "diagnosed" excessively? This is purely for the convenience of the figure, the time-saving and free-spirited style of courage. For maybe, maybe, maybe a few bucks of money to find someone to spell a single, too cool, okay? The "face" of heavy gold maintenance can't be smashed!


For anime / e-sports / tide play

Those who shout "non-mainstream" and "secondary yuan",

You are so mature!

I dare to ask the big guy whether there is such an experience. When you say that you want to watch an animated film, your mother reveals a disgusting expression diss saying "This is a big man, still watching cartoons, young and not childish." Children's exclusive." This is the one-sided idea of ​​the elders on animation. After all, their cartoon content was younger. It is obvious that people who have known DC and MARVEL empire also pointed to cosplay and said "secondary", see e-sports. Shouting "Internet addiction", seeing "tidal play" called "non-mainstream", did not directly call "killing Matt" is really thankful.

The “peripheral” category derived from the commercialization of animation works and the “family” market for the second generation of enthusiasts are expanding, and the growth rate of the market for pain-related bags and house-dancing products is approaching250% and 100%.

——CBNData x Taobao "2018 China Youth Creativity Report

Sichong Boys have used their natural kosher strength to bring Chinese e-sports to the world. You also said that e-sports is just a "a group of Internet addiction teenagers can't play books and play games", it is simply playing Face "Sports Cong". As well as the prejudice of equating the "secondary" population with the "three-dimensional insulator", I really have to collect it. Because you can't really understand the characteristics of different people, it may be equivalent to missing the market of N billion.


"Fresh meat control" and "yan control",

Do you not mention that there is still "talent control"?

Just as who buys things and looks at the value of the face, only in the case of quality online, the value of the face becomes a factor of "purchase". In the same way, whoever does not love a good-looking skin can still have more talents. Those who haven't seen the "Idol Trainee", and why they say that they are just beautiful men, are those Victorian angels on the T-station as long as they walk on long legs?

In the consumer group after 00, the "three swordsmen with goods" are in turnYu Wenle, Cai Xukun and Yi Qianqian. Not to mention whether the value of Yan can be played, if Yu Wenle has no trend sense, if Cai Xukun just poses, if you can rely on the eye of ice, you can capture the heart of the boys and girls, and become the trend icon, then the current generation IDOL It’s too good.

——CBNData "2018 Third Quarter 00 Consumer Impact List TOP30"

Yu Wenle relies on the idea of ​​“taking entertainment as an interest”, which is already very absorbing, not to mention the necessary skills for male stars who practice the scorpion meat; as a “man who came out of the comics”, Cai Xukun is in the position of On the basis of the gift can sing a good dance RAP; with the ice-faced face of the world's four-character brother Yi Qian thousand, the original head is also a master of aura, eight muscles in the abdomen. When the "high-value" person is still very talented, please don't just mention the "fresh flesh" after 95?


But it’s a temporary boom,

It is called "heavy user",

Do you think it is so easy to be addicted?

WeChat game played two times first, it was said to be "small game poisoning crowd"; before going to bed to sleep, it was called "Deep Night Brush Party"; Curious recorded a few vibrato, brushed a few The anchor is called "shaking heavy user". There are quite a few differences between the big guys who define "fascination". A few hours, a few days, for a while, is seen as "addictive"? Then you know that the "abandonment" after 95 may only take 0.001 seconds.

Compared to 19-30 year old users who prefer to express their thoughts and opinions in a commentary manner, young users under the age of 18 sendBarrageCome to interact and favor it. From the emergence of the barrage to the world has been continually sing, and now become one of the must-have features of video sites, behind which is the strong driving force of young users after the 95s and 00s.

——CBNData x Potato "2017 Short Video Industry Big Data Insight"

Compared with the preference pattern of the previous generation, "If you love, please love", after 95, you may pay more attention to "long-term companionship". If there is no short-lived appearance in their lives, it is a constant integration into their life. Become a habit. However, after causing the three-minute heat after 95, I thought I was deeply loved, and it was too much to be "Mary Su".

After the 95th "accusation" is more than five, it is better to come to the scene after the 95th - young unreasonable · the first financial data festival, to find out.

On December 20, 2018, the “Young Unreasonable First Financial Data Festival” hosted by the First Financial Business Data CenterAs scheduled. In this era, there is no shortage of singular creators, no shortage of new upstarts, no shortage of young people who are comfortable with the situation, but the lack of insights to discover change, only the insight can continue to explore new directions of value. In the era of consumer grading, young people have received more attention, so the "Young Unreasonable · First Financial Data Festival" is coming, we will gather Tmall, Taobao, Barley, Taobao ticket, simple psychology, pro-baby, sesame Credit, clove doctor,Suning Online MarketMore than 20 data source partners, such as poor travel, Hujiang, etc., released the Internet consumer ecological big data report for the third consecutive year, drawing a panoramic picture of Chinese young people's Internet consumption, using data to bring you to know this group seems unreasonable But the younger consumers are getting more and more up.

In addition to the "2018 China Internet Consumer Ecology Big Data Report" released, CBNData will also release "2018 China Internet Consumer Business Power". In addition, for all industry-focused builders, promoters and participants, together with industry leaders and future leaders, we will focus on “unreasonable young people”. It will not only give you a deep insight into the diversified consumption characteristics of the current young group, but also outline a consumption map of young people across the industry.

Activity time:December 20, 2018

Event Location:Shanghai Longemont Renaissance Hotel

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