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    The wind direction of the investment in the Year of the Pig

    2019-02-11 01:19:41

    Securities TimesWu Jiaming

    2019 Shenzhen Property Market: Steady Words

    After the Spring Festival every year, it is a sensitive period for the Shenzhen property market: whether it is regulation policy, house prices or rent, there are some variables. At present, the market generally believes that the main tone of the policy of housing and housing will not be substantially reversed in 2019. In this context, as a first-tier city in Shenzhen, what will happen to the real estate market in 2019?

    For many Shenzhen home buyers, they should all be impressed by the small climax of the promotion that occurred in the property market at the end of last year. At that time, the major developers "hundreds of sprints", discounts, decoration, down payment and other activities, such as Pingshan, Longgang and other areas outside the original special zone to become the main force of promotion. However, by the beginning of this year, the market had repeatedly reported that there was a housing project to prepare for price increases, and eventually the relevant companies denied it. However, the promotion and price rumors still make the homeowner's mentality uncertain: Is Shenzhen house price bullish or bearish?

    He Qianru, director of the National Research Center of Midland Realty, said that the adjustment of real estate policies in several cities was still an individual phenomenon, more because the previous policies of these cities were too tight or were not suitable for the current market environment. For the Shenzhen market, the substantial impact did not occur. 2019 may be a bottoming year, and some of the regulatory policies may be relaxed, but not all of them will be released.

    According to Xu Feng, director of development research at the Shenzhen Real Estate Intermediary Association, from the perspective of real estate policy, she believes that the Shenzhen market has basically no chance to relax and will maintain strict control. If it is an investor, it is recommended to be cautious. If you invest for a long time, you can give due consideration to the location factors and the quality value of the real estate. It is worth mentioning that the policy of leasing market in 2019 may have a big breakthrough, and more policies to regulate the development of the leasing market will be introduced.

    Chengdu: New housing market

    Supply and demand reversal

    Securities Times reporter Tang Qiang

    The scenery of the property market is like the wind and waves of the sea, sometimes it is sometimes flat.

    Counting the origin of this round of Chengdu property market, it will start from October 2016. Since then, Chengdu's housing prices have started a unilateral continuous skyrocketing market, and “interest” has once also trapped the city. At the end of 2017, Chengdu entered a new era of buying a house with a lot of money. The hot property market made the new house shake rate low to single digits. There were 70,000 people grabbing thousands of suites, and the house buying team stretched for several kilometers of “miracle”.

    The extremes of the matter must be reversed. Chengdu has released a real "5·15" restriction on the purchase of new policies, and the local frenzied property market has been able to ease the cooling. There are not many low-priced new homes left for everyone. The Securities Times reporter noted that 2019 will be the redemption period of high-priced land auctions in the previous year. A large number of high-priced new homes will be listed on the market, and the price of new homes will naturally rise. By then, the incremental market is expected to return in 2019, and buyers need more rationality, and the importance of the location will be further highlighted.

    Securities Times reporter noted that compared with the previous purchase restriction policy, Chengdu's property market regulation and control new policy will be adjusted to households, and included social security for more than 12 months as a necessary condition for purchase, and continue to implement the policy of sub-regional purchase restrictions. With the launch of the “5·15” restriction on the purchase of new policies, the Chengdu property market ushered in a key market turning point in 2018, showing a situation of pre-heating and cold.

    “After the implementation of the “5·15” property market restriction, the relationship between supply and demand in Chengdu's new housing market has reversed.” Zhang Jianru, dean of the Chengdu Branch of the Shell Research Institute, said that after the second set of households, the qualified customers were suddenly reduced, and the capital chain was tight. In the second half of the year, the developers concentrated on increasing supply, and the market supply and demand relationship reversed. The new housing market is hard to see the hot situation in early 2018.

    In an interview with the Securities Times reporter, Zhang Jian further pointed out that the supply of new houses in Chengdu has increased greatly, and the winning rate of the new house has continued to rise, which has widened the choice of customers and slowed down the pace of second-hand housing transactions. As a result, second-hand owners were forced to sell at a reduced price in this situation, and the Chengdu property market gradually entered the long-lost buyer's market, and the house gradually returned to the residential property.

    It is worth noting that the “5·15” New Deal will change the target of purchase from individual to family, and the surplus ticket of short-term investors will evaporate overnight. The proportion of investment in second-hand residential transactions in Chengdu fell from 9% to 3.2%. In turn, investors have turned their attention to the unrestricted apartment market, and the new apartment market has been hot. However, in the second half of 2018, with the arrival of a large number of new homes and the price of apartments rising to a higher position, the investment spillover effect gradually receded, and the apartment transaction peaked.

    Haikou property market cooling

    Developer "Dongjin"

    Trainee reporter Wang Minghong

    In the past year, Hainan's housing prices have touched the eyes of countless people. The housing prices have been screaming and the regulation and control policies have been superimposed. Haikou is the capital city of Hainan. What is the current situation of the property market and what trends will be developed in the future? During the Spring Festival, Securities Times reporters entered Haikou to investigate the trend behind Haikou's housing prices.

    Before the Spring Festival holiday, the Securities Times reporter visited a number of real estate properties in Haikou as a homebuyer, and some real estate and intermediary companies had already had a holiday in advance. During the Spring Festival, due to the restrictions of the previous government's restrictions on purchases and prices, the trading volume of new housing in Haikou decreased year-on-year.

    The average price of second-hand houses in Haikou is between 16,000 yuan / square meter and 23,000 yuan / square meter. The new building in the suburbs, due to imperfect supporting, the price fluctuates around 17,000 yuan / square meter, some real estate price reduction promotions, There are also real estates to circumvent the purchase restriction policy, and violations of the rules and purchasers to "deferred signing." Affected by the Hainan Free Trade Port Policy, developers accelerated the layout of the Jiangdong New District.

    Starting from the Hainan Provincial Government, along the Qiongzhou Bridge all the way to the east, across the Nandu River, about 30 minutes to Haikou Jiangdong New District. The Jiangdong New District with a total area of ​​about 298 square kilometers is positioned as a major measure by the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to build the Hainan Free Trade Zone and the Free Trade Port.

    From the perspective of geography, at present, the development of Haikou real estate has begun to show a tendency of “eastward advancement”. In the future, investment in Haikou will also show a tendency to move eastward. Jiangdong New District has become an important area for investment by major real estate developers. The Securities Times reporter learned that the Haikou Wanda Cultural Tourism City project, which was acquired by Rongchuang in 2017, is also located in Jiangdong New District.

    A real estate person told the Securities Times reporter that the West Coast of Haikou has been developed almost the same, and there are very few new buildings. In addition to the Luneng Hailan Mansion, there are a large number of houses in the West Coast Xinghua Coastal City, and most of the properties have been sold out. There is no new land development in the center of Haikou. Only a few new houses in Haidian Island have a large number of houses for sale, and there are not many new ones that can be purchased. Under the favorable policy of Hainan Free Trade Port, the gathering of developers to Jiangdong New District is the future development trend.

    Benxi House Price

    neither warm nor hot

    Securities Times reporter Zhang Da

    During the Spring Festival, the mountain city of Benxi is cold and chilly. The lowest temperature is close to minus 20 degrees. There are many people who set off firecrackers, play on the ice, shopping malls, and have a strong sense of the year. However, the property market is particularly deserted. And the sales office of the new house is almost closed, and only a single person is on duty, and no one is interested in the sales office.

    Securities Times reporters have learned from various investigations that in the past two years, the transactions in the property market in Benxi have been clearly differentiated. Apart from the fact that some new and second-hand school districts are more popular, most new and second-hand houses are not ideally sold. There are not many people buying houses, and there are very few newly developed properties. Since 2018, only three commercial housing projects have been opened for sale in the city. Among them, “European City” has been recognized as the best-selling project in this year.

    Hengda Oasis is located in the upper reaches of the Taizi River. It is the only real estate with renovation in Benxi. The current average transaction price is 6,500 yuan / square meter. It was sold well in 2012, but there are still a small number of existing homes for sale, and March 2018. More than 200 suites in the two buildings opened, currently sold less than half. The five sets of special rooms launched at the beginning of this year have a maximum discount of 290,000, but the current set has not been sold. The offer lasted until February. However, for the reason of the slow sales of the project, Ms. Liu, the salesman on duty, explained: “We mainly sell the environment, property and quality of the park, unlike the discs in the city and the school district.” In addition, the green space opened in 2011. At present, there are still a small number of existing houses in the Central Plaza. In the commercial projects along the river that opened in 2014, there are only a few merchants that can be seen at present. Most of the other areas are empty.

    Although overall, the average house price in Benxi is rising, but the increase is not large. The new house can see that the price has risen a bit, and the second-hand house has a tendency to fall back. Especially in the non-school districts and places where the location is relatively biased, the house price decline trend is obvious.

    In the investigation and interview process of the Securities Times reporter, whether it is a new sales person or a second-hand house intermediary, whether it is a person who lives in Benxi for a long time or a Benxi person who works in a foreign country, it means that Benxi Real Estate is not suitable for investment, and it is recommended to invest. Considering going to Shenyang, Benxi has not invested in real estate speculation in recent years. The three reasons why Ms. Li, a Benxi person who works in Shenyang, does not invest in Benxi is very representative: First, the economic situation is not good, housing prices cannot rise, investment is not necessary; second, it does not return to work, there is no demand for home ownership. The third is that the old man has a house in Benxi, and finally he has to receive his own side. The house in Benxi has to be sold. There is no reason to buy a house.

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