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    The most beautiful spring festival in history! The champion is again produced by this company.

    2019-02-11 06:38:54

    Securities Times NetworkTang Wei

    I just came back from the poorly signaled countryside. I heard that the box office of the Spring Festival this year will set a historical record. The investors who look like awkward people are not allowed to see which Douban scores the highest, which is the subject matter, which is the name guide... I want to know which one will rise tomorrow? After all, the 2017 Spring FestivalBeijing cultureWith the "War Wolf 2" within 8 trading days, the increase was close to 60%, and the market value soared by 5.5 billion, which made the stocks still fresh.

    Put this part of the information together first.

    "The Wandering Earth": The latest box office broke through 2 billion. Corresponding to listed companies:Chinese filmBeijing culture

    "Crazy Alien": The latest box office is 1.442 billion. Corresponding to listed companies:Light mediaHappy Media (Hong Kong stocks)

    "Flying Life": The latest box office is 1.037 billion. Corresponding to listed companies:Wanda MovieLight media

    "The King of New Comedy": The latest box office is 529 million. Corresponding to listed companies: Chinese movies,New culture

    "Bears in the Primitive Times": The latest box office is 459 million. Corresponding to listed company: Wanda Movie

    (The above data comes from Cat Eye Professional Edition, as of 21:30 on the 10th)

    From the current box office, Chinese movies, Beijing culture and light media have benefited a lot. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, several major fire dramas, "War Wolf 2", "No Name of the Generation", "I am not a drug god", Beijing culture is the producer.

    "Wandering Earth" counterattacks Hong Kong stocks have reacted

    The official claim of "Wandering Earth" costs a total of 320 million yuan. As of the latest, Cat Eye Professional Edition predicts that its total box office will be 5.147 billion yuan. If the forecast comes true, "Wandering Earth" will rank second in the total box office of Chinese movies, second only to "War Wolf 2" of 5.683 billion yuan. According to the Lighthouse Professional Edition data, in addition to the four production companies, "Wandering Earth" also includes 24 joint producers including Ali Film, Tencent Pictures, Youku Film, Mango Entertainment, etc., except for China Film Group and Beijing. In addition to culture, there are seven joint distribution companies.

     The most beautiful spring festival in history! More than one billion movie box office, the champion is produced by this company, all waiting for A shares to open

    During the Spring Festival, although A shares were closed, Hong Kong stocks were traded. One of the producers of "Crazy Alien" is Joy Hong Media, a Hong Kong-listed company. On July 6, 2018, Joy Media announced that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary is happy and the bottom of the Horrogs. The "Crazy Alien" movie signed a guaranteed distribution agreement. The two parties agreed to a guaranteed amount of 2.8 billion yuan. Huanxi Media will have the right to receive a minimum guaranteed income of 700 million yuan for the "Crazy Alien" movie. If the movie's total box office revenue exceeds 2.8 billion yuan, the investor will also be happy with the media. The box office can be charged more than 30% of the net income of some films. Although "Crazy Alien" ranked second in the Spring Festival box office, but Joy Media has not risen recently, and fell by 11.58% on February 8.

     The most beautiful spring festival in history! More than one billion movie box office, the champion is produced by this company, all waiting for A shares to open

    Huanxi Media can get a guaranteed contribution of 700 million yuan, depending on whether the "Crazy Alien" box office can pass 2.8 billion yuan. At present, it still has some difficulty. The Cat Eye Professional Edition predicts a total box office of 2.386 billion yuan. The goal of "Crazy Alien" is the champion. The first day of the box office is as high as 400 million, while "Wandering Earth" is only 188 million yuan, but it is eventually overtaken by the latter. Perhaps this is the reason why Happy Media’s share price plummeted last Friday. .

     The most beautiful spring festival in history! More than one billion movie box office, the champion is produced by this company, all waiting for A shares to open

    Busy piracy, filmmakers are innocent to celebrate

    Although the "Wandering Earth" box office is hot, but the producers have no time to celebrate, why is this? "The Wandering Earth" producer Gong Geer said: "In recent days, the staff of "Wandering Earth" did not have time to celebrate the rise of the box office, but spent almost all of their energy on complaints and blocking piracy." Many sellers are selling the "Wandering Earth" video resources, claiming to be "HD full version", and the price is as low as 1 yuan.

    On February 2nd, the National Copyright Administration issued the "First Warning List of Copyright Protection for the First Batch of Key Works in 2019", "Wandering Earth", "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life" and "New Comedy" released this year. Eight domestic films including "The King", "Integrity", "Detective Pu Songling", "Bear Infested, Primitive Era", and "Little Pig Peggy" have all been selected.

    In issuing the copyright protection early warning list, the National Copyright Administration stated that the relevant network service providers should take the following protection measures for the key cinema movies in the copyright protection early warning list: the online service providers who provide the content directly shall not provide the copyright protection warning list during the film screening period. The works within the network; the network service provider that provides the storage space should prohibit users from uploading the works in the copyright protection warning list; the network service providers, e-commerce websites and application stores that provide search links should expedite the processing of the copyright protection warning list. Remove notifications of infringing content or disconnect infringing links.

    A few happy couples

    In the summer of 2018, there were 128 films released, but 80% of the box office was contributed by 11 high box office films. This also means that most of the films are smashed into "cannon fodder." "I am not a drug god" and "Xihong City's richest man" respectively, about 3.1 billion yuan and about 2.5 billion yuan at the box office, sharply opened the second echelon of the "Jurassic Century 2" (about 1.7 billion yuan), "one out Good play (about 1.27 billion yuan), "mega tooth shark" (about 970 million yuan); "Di Renjie's four kings", "evil is not pressing", "Animal World" and other films at the box office is concentrated at 480 million Between 600 million, it is the third echelon. Among them, the domestically produced films of the third echelon are big companies, big productions, and big expectations. The final market performance is far from the psychological expectations of the film. The head effect of the film and television industry has become more apparent, further increasing the risk of film and television investment.

    In the cat's eye data, we also see that the film is still in the current period, such as "The Wind of the Bohai Sea", has been released for 31 days, the total box office is only 231,000 yuan, according to the official propaganda draft, the investment is as high as 100 million yuan, starring Including Liu Mu, Ai Dai, Ye Tong, Li Zixiong and so on. 23.1 million yuan, paying the actor's pay is not enough!

     The most beautiful spring festival in history! More than one billion movie box office, the champion is produced by this company, all waiting for A shares to open

    Therefore, for the investment in film and television stocks, we must be more awake. We must not forget the risks because of the success of several films. Even big companies may trample on mines, such as Wanda Films.

    In June 2017, Wanda Group's official website once announced that the Chinese science fiction masterpiece "Wandering Earth" was launched in Qingdao Film and TV Industry Park. The film was produced by Wanda Film, China Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing Culture. The famous work of Liu Cixin, a famous writer of the literary literary world, directed by director Guo Fan. But the producer of the final film did not have Wanda. It is well known that Wanda’s "Love St. 2" was originally a fixed-grade Spring Festival file, but because of the starring Wu Xiubo incident, it is very likely that it will not be able to go up the file.

    Wu Jing is beaten up, not only "starred" but also "funded." At the press conference of "Wandering Earth", director Guo Fan said: "I was originally grateful to Jing Ge, or I might have given Jing Ge to the pit. At that time, he was asked to help me to make a movie. He came. The money is still Not quite enough, so Jing Ge has become a good person. Patting and patting, accidentally overspending, originally we have to prepare for Jing Ge, there is no pay."

    Wu Jing also said: "This is a guest, stringed, overspending, no money. I am involved, then I will invest. I patted, not right, how come I have been a guest for 31 days? It doesn't matter, for our great science fiction career, guest appearance! The guest came to the end, the director said, Jing Ge, the money is not enough, can you not collect the money? I said yes, I will confiscate the money."

    Next week, Valentine's Day, and 4 films will be released.

     The most beautiful spring festival in history! More than one billion movie box office, the champion is produced by this company, all waiting for A shares to open

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