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    People's Daily: How to expel those "immoral" financial products?

    2019-02-11 07:49:00

    People's Daily Han Ming

    The financial industry should infiltrate financial ethics into all aspects of its operations by improving its strategic planning and performance evaluation standards. It is necessary to establish a correct value orientation in the whole society and enhance the professional quality of financial consumers.

    At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the red envelopes continue to spread, the size of "shopping carnival" from the online to the offline, all kinds of financial lending products are also riveting enough to engage in marketing, "swipe the card to send a gift" "overdraft limit can be increased by 10%" ... urging People press the pay button again and again. However, there are also concerns that some products over-promoting the “overdraft future” consumption pattern will deviate from the original intention of “released consumption potential”.

    In recent years, with the development of financial markets, the types of financial products and services have become more and more abundant, bringing more choices to investors. However, it should not be overlooked that there are also some financial products and services with “morality” in the market. They are draped in the guise of financial innovation and wandering on the edge of the regulatory system. It is hard to say that it is a violation of the law, but there is a clear conflict with the public order and good customs.

    In the past few years, some insurance companies have introduced drunk driving and fireworks insurance in the name of innovation, which provides protection for third-party personal injuries caused by drunk driving and fireworks. The market was initially introduced as a joke, and I did not expect that someone was actually insured. This makes people worry that with these insurance “bottoms”, will it encourage the insured’s impulse to violate the law? Another example is the “campus loan” that has been suspended. Due to lack of constraints, this is an Internet financial product that satisfies the personal consumption credit of college students. It has once become an unstable factor in the consumer financial market.

    In fact, compared with other industries, the financial industry needs to pay more attention to ethical issues. This is because financial information has a higher degree of information asymmetry and is more likely to trigger moral hazard and adverse selection behavior. Especially in recent years, various derivatives based on financial innovation are dazzling, and it is difficult for ordinary people to fully understand the original. Fund managers, insurance agents and account managers are more likely to mislead consumers with knowledge advantages than other industries.

    The market behavior of any economic entity also has both economic and moral attributes. The ethical and moral order together with the legal order constitute two basic ways of regulating human behavior. While the financial market is building the legal system, it must also establish a corresponding ethical and moral order.

    In the future, with the full competition of the financial market and the speed of opening up to the outside world, the supply of financial products and services will be more abundant. At the same time, the income of residents will increase, the demographic structure will change, the social transformation will accelerate, and financial demand will become increasingly diversified. Strengthening the construction of "ethics and ethics" in the financial industry is a topic that needs attention.

    How to expel those "immoral" financial products?

    Continuously improve the regulatory system. The management department must dare to act as a diligent, timely to make up for the management loopholes of the “grey zone” and purify the financial market with a rigid system. In addition, we must improve the construction of the credit information system, enhance the breadth and depth of credit information, and increase the punishment for those who are untrustworthy. At the same time, the introduction of blockchain technology is accelerated, and the moral performance of financial transaction participants is recorded and traced.

    Improve the management system of the financial industry and enterprises. "Foyi is also profitable, and unjust is profitable." The financial industry must infiltrate all aspects of its business by improving its strategic planning, talent selection mechanism and performance evaluation standards. For example, business decisions not only focus on current benefits, but also have forward-looking, overall thinking, taking into account industry impacts and social benefits. Not only to provide services for “rich people”, but also to be willing to do some “small profits”, to engage in inclusive finance, green finance, and to promote small loans to farmers, small cities and small and micro enterprises, and to promote social fairness and justice. ,Harmonious Development.

    Establish correct value orientation in the whole society, improve the professional quality of financial consumers, and cultivate the soil of financial ethics. In order to cultivate higher-quality compound financial talents, colleges and universities should continuously strengthen the financial ethics awareness of finance students and enhance their financial ethics. In the cultural construction, financial enterprises should emphasize the pursuit of long-term and sustainable interests, abandon the short-sighted behavior of quick success and instant benefit, and establish the correct financial ethical value orientation.

    Be wary of selling insurance "big flicker" from the media platform (extended reading)

    Recently, some insurance marketers posted false marketing information on the self-media platform such as WeChat friends circle. The Consumer Protection Bureau of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission reminded consumers to increase their risk awareness and guard against misleading publicity.

    It is understood that the misleading information released through the media platform mainly includes the following: First, the marketing of hunger, publicity insurance products will be discontinued or limited time sales, such as the use of "second kill", "national snapped", "limited time limit" and other terms; The second is to exaggerate the proceeds, confuse insurance products and other fixed-income wealth management products, such as the issuance of “guarantee and interest-guarantee”, “guarantee high-income” and “comprehensive profits”; the third is to misinterpret the terms, deliberately misinterpreting policies or product terms, such as claiming “ In the past, there is no need to declare the slogan "If you get sick, you can buy it" and "What can you protect?"

    The Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission reminds that the main function of insurance products is to provide risk protection. Consumers should establish a scientific concept of insurance consumption, and fully understand the important product information such as guarantee responsibility, insurance amount and exclusion responsibility through formal channels, and choose according to their actual needs and risk tolerance. Appropriate insurance products. At present, since the media platform is low, there are many publishing entities, and there is a lack of content review, consumers should improve their self-protection awareness and avoid impulsive consumption when receiving sales information published by such unofficial channels. If in doubt, you can consult with the relevant insurance agency or report it to the regulatory authorities to avoid unnecessary losses. The national unified telephone number that complained to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission was 12,378.

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