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    Hungary encourages births, 4 or more children will be permanently exempt from income tax

    2019-02-11 11:17:27

    Financial sector website 

    Hungarian Prime Minister Orban Victor announced on Sunday that Hungarian women with four or more children will be permanently exempt from income tax in order to solve the problem of population reduction and labor shortage without accepting immigrants.

    The tax exemption plan is one of a series of initiatives announced by Orban, including: a medical investment worth 700 billion HUF (1.92 billion pounds); a loan worth 10 million HUF for newlyweds, if the couple have two or For three children, the loan can be partially or completely offset; family car purchase funds; expansion of childcare facilities. The government is also committed to providing mortgage assistance linked to childbearing and providing maternity benefits similar to maternity leave or paternity leave.

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