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    Civil Aviation Administration: During the Spring Festival holiday, civil aviation transported 12.586 million passengers, an increase of 10.6% over the same period of last year.

    2019-02-11 13:26:00

    China Net Finance

    China Net Finance News on February 11th According to the website of the Civil Aviation Administration, during the Spring Festival holiday in 2019 (February 4-10), the civil aviation operation was safe and orderly, with a total of 111,000 flights and 12.58 million passengers. It increased by 6% and 10.6% respectively, with an average passenger load factor of 86%. The national flight normal rate was 83.31%, which fully satisfied the passenger travel demand.

    According to the data of the departure flights of major cities in the country monitored by the Civil Aviation Administration, the airports with the relatively high passenger load factor of the civil aviation outbound flights are concentrated in Lijiang, Urumqi, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Ningbo two days before the holidays (February 4-5). , Hangzhou and other places. Due to the traditional customs of reunion at home in China, the New Year's Eve is a low point for passenger transportation. After New Year's Eve, the passenger traffic and the passenger departure rate of each airport increased day by day. From February 8 to 10, the average passenger departure rate of Xishuangbanna, Beihai, Jinggangshan, Sanya, Lijiang, Haikou and Harbin exceeded 95%, Nanning, Chengdu and Huangshan. The average passenger departure rate of more than 20 tourist destinations exceeded 92%; the last day of the holiday (February 10th) reached the peak of returning trips, and the passenger traffic per day reached 2.026 million times, setting a record high for the Spring Festival, and the average passengers for civil aviation outbound flights. The rate is over 90%.

    According to other data, during the Spring Festival of 2019, the Consumer Affairs Center of the Civil Aviation Administration accepted 142 consumer complaints, an increase of 10 during the Spring Festival in 2018, an increase of 7.58%. Among them, 134 airlines and 8 airport complaints. 47 consultations were accepted, a decrease of 43 compared with the Spring Festival holiday in 2018, a decrease of 47.78% compared with the same period of last year. The reasons for the complaints mainly focused on the cancellation of flights due to weather factors and the subsequent arrangements for guarantees after flight delays or cancellations.

    According to statistics, as of February 10, during the 21st day of the Spring Festival (January 21st - February 10th), civil aviation transported a total of 37.624 million passengers, an increase of 10.4% over the same period of the Spring Festival in 2018.

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