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    Write to "Eight Ring Youth": Let's cross the "eight rings" to the five rings together

    2019-02-11 14:39:53

    Economic ObserverSong Yi Li

    Editor's note: This is a New Year's letter from the Economic Observer. On the occasion of the New Year, we decided to write this letter. The letter is the one you are - our readers, interviewees, friends who have supported us or are affected by our reports. Every one of you, together with us, witnesses what happened in this era. We have already heard the strong Chinese taste, but we hope that this letter will bring you more happy temperatures. We believe that this is the beginning of our other gathering. In addition to the news reports that you are familiar with, tell you what happened to those reported things, telling you about our thinking in the past and the beliefs we defend. .

    The young people of Beijing “eight rings”:

    Greetings! I am here for you!

    In the sound of deafening firecrackers on New Year's Eve, I suddenly thought of writing such a letter to you, to yourself.


    300 kilometers, 3 and a half hours. This is a pleasant trip of my twelfth lunar month. The Beijing-Tibet Expressway in the navigation is completely green. There is no blocking point in the whole journey. I drive from my home in Beijing in the morning and arrive at home at noon.

    From Beijing's East Fifth Ring Road to my hometown, Xinghe County, Inner Mongolia, it is so close.

    "You are from Inner Mongolia!" Over the years, when I reported to my hometown in countless social occasions, I often get such a response. Behind the word "ah" that has long sounded is the general impression of Inner Mongolia: distant frontiers, horseback riding, express delivery, etc...

    Xinghe is very close to Beijing. For so many years, I have never worried about going home for the Spring Festival.

    Xinghe is far from Beijing. It is still in the plateau of the Sai, and it has a completely different economic outlook from the Beijing-Tianjin metropolis.

    The Zhanghu high-speed railway under construction will be opened to traffic this year. Xinghe this small county, as a station on the Zhanghu high-speed rail, connected to the high-speed rail network. By then, the time to Beijing will be less than two hours.

    God! what does this mean?

    Does it mean that it is more convenient to work in Beijing and seek medical treatment? Does it mean that “Beijingers” will come to vacation? The value-added of the property of the small town also has an imaginary space, and the propaganda of the real estate is marked with the words “back garden” in Beijing.

    In fact, Xinghe is located in the small town of Saibei, and has long been living in Beijing. This is both a subjective desire and a self-discipline.

    At least 10 years ago, this slogan was clearly put forward, made of iron characters, installed in the most prosperous streets of the county.

    The bus from Beijing to Xinghe once docked under this big character. I have been in the past for countless days. Together with many young people from the Eight Rings, I boarded this car all the way to the east and joined the vast crowd of Beijing.

    No one counts, as the county town closest to Beijing in Inner Mongolia, how many people work and live in Beijing. Later, I knew that the cities and villages around Beijing are constantly contributing to Beijing.

    Today, the dream of the "eight rings" seems to be coming true.

    Xinghe of the "Eight Rings" used to be a coal transportation county. Because of the passage in the coal outbound area, the people here used to run the transportation industry. The number of trucks in a small county was once amazing.

    At that time, a large part of the large truck fleet of Beijing-Tibet Expressway was Xinghe people. They transported coal from western Inner Mongolia along this transportation route to various coal yards outside Beijing’s Sixth Ring Road.Tianjin harborThe port of Qinhuangdao was transported to more than half of China.

    Nowadays, the energy transportation pattern has changed. When the coal transportation channel is cold and hot, those truck drivers often worry about the elusive market changes.

    Planning a sustainable industry for the local is an eight-ring and eternal proposition. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018, at the first development conference held in Xinghe County, Xinghe people all over the country returned to their hometowns to make suggestions for its development.

    People hope that it will have more changes: education, culture, industry, urban and rural appearance...

    Beijing, Beijing!

    These expectations are more from the real change: Xinghe is not only the Xinghe of Inner Mongolia, but also the Eight Rings of Beijing. From the "eight rings" to the five rings, the spatial distance of 300 kilometers becomes a one-and-a-half hour time difference, which may reshape this small town and have some kind of connection, resonance and integration with Beijing.


    My family lives on the edge of the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, and the distance from the Fifth Ring is about 200 meters.

    Looking out from the window of my house, through the building, a U-shaped field of view is formed, just to see the flow of the stream, even if the window is closed, you can always hear the sound of the car brushing the air, endless.

    Someone must remember the song of Yue Yunpeng's hippie five rings, evoking love and hatred against the five rings.

    The five rings are the entrance to my work. I want to go into the five rings. The most convenient route is to go to the fifth ring first, then find the right mesh road and enter the main city.

    Living outside the Fifth Ring Road, working in the Fifth Ring Road, the tidal-style round-trip inside and outside the Fifth Ring Road is probably the normal life of many Beijingers.

    A lot of the fast-paced Internet amnesty gave a definition: a lot of fights are for people outside the five rings. It seems that the five rings are a gap that separates the mainstream and the edge of the class, the high and low end of consumption.

    One thing he may have said is right. The life outside the five rings is more smoke and fire than in the five rings. Everything can be truly touched and perceived.

    From what time, the Fifth Ring Road became the boundary separating the consumption levels: many logistics enterprises, pricing the distribution services in the Beijing area, with the five-ring as the boundary ladder.

    Even public administration follows the rule of the border: small passenger cars with foreign licenses are prohibited from entering the Fifth Ring.

    The five rings are a dividing line, just like a sharp map of the pig knife across the cortex. From then on, along the five-ring boundary, it became the psychological boundary inside and outside the capital.

    I vaguely think that it was not like that 10 years ago.

    Ten years ago, television media still dominated traditional media. One night, in the "Challenge Host" hosted by Ma Dong, a challenger complained that he had recorded several shows in Beijing and had no chance to enter the real capital. Ma Dong immediately responded: Let her enter tomorrow. Look at the big Beijing.

    Into the "three rings", it is printed in my mind, with the third ring as the boundary, the core of Beijing City is in the third ring. However, at that time, I was renting a house outside the Third Ring Road in the southwest. I had to walk about 20 minutes a day to take a ride on the Third Ring Road.

    Entering the core boundary, is it not the three rings? When did it become the five rings?

    The expansion of the population, the development of real estate, the transformation of the old town...maybe all the reasons. At that time, most of Beijing's real estate projects were located outside the Third Ring and Fourth Ring Road, and then gradually expanded beyond the Fifth Ring Road. The larger the cake in Beijing, the larger the population, the more the population moved to the “outside the city”.

    In 2015, I interviewed a Beijing resident who used to live in the old alley in Guangqumen. He moved to the Fifth Ring Road because of the renovation of the city's shantytown. In his consciousness, that is a very "suburban" outside the city, the living environment has greatly improved, but he has produced a strong nostalgia.

    Every day, like a commute, he rushed to the old streets of the city and stayed in the park for a whole day. Because you can find the Beijing Opera ticket buddies in the past, you can find the old neighborhood of the ostrich.

    The city grows unstoppably. Li Tie, chief economist at the National Development and Reform Commission's Urban and Small Town Reform and Development Center, said that along the border, it is actually the most scientific spatial development model of the city. In other words, the “big cake” model that has been criticized is urban expansion. Objective law.

    According to a previous survey, more than half of Beijing's population live outside the Fifth Ring. People outside the Fifth Ring will eventually adapt to the expansion of the border and psychologically accept Beijing's growing expansion, because it will eventually become bigger.

    In the planning document “The Catalogue of Prohibitions and Restrictions for New Industries in Beijing (2018 Edition)”, Beijing's central urban areas include Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District and Shijingshan District.

    In this way, the central urban area is completely the six urban areas on the administrative division of Beijing, and the border is more expanded. In this way, my Chaoyang people living outside the Fifth Ring Road were also included and became residents of the downtown area.

    The expansion of this round of urban boundaries is accompanied by the reconciliation and rectification of Beijing's non-capital functions. For example, in the above-mentioned documents, the “Five Rings” also appeared. For the areas across the Fifth Ring Road, such as Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai and Shijingshan District, it is forbidden to set up a new tertiary hospital within the Fifth Ring. The total number of beds in the hospital.

    The public service facilities in the Fifth Ring are being regulated by the visible hands, which will directly affect the concentration of the population. In the South Central Axis area, the Dahongmen area where a large population has been gathered, the large wholesale market group has been shut down.

    Those who are freed up and factories will find a way out in a larger space.

    In 2018, one of my relatives, following this general trend, closed his garment factory in Beijing and returned to Xinghe to invest in entrepreneurship under the call of attracting investment from his hometown.

    In the face of a familiar and unfamiliar business environment, he needs to adapt. There is no industry support, away from the fashion trend, here is like a blank sheet of paper, everything has to start again. The high-speed rail that will be open to traffic may bring good expectations to his garment factory.


    During the Northern Wei Dynasty, Tuoba, the leader of Xianbei, held a tribal conference in the Dongyang River Basin of Xinghe County, claiming to be the king of the king, and opened a time when nomadic people won the Central Plains.

    Originating from the Dongyang River in Xinghe, it merged into the Sanggan River. The Sanggan River entered Beijing and became the Yongding River. The Yongding River was finally injected into the Haihe River.

    Rivers and mountain-shaped topography have made this place a staggered area of ​​nomadic civilization and farming civilization. Extending and developing in the direction of downstream Beijing, it seems to have never changed for thousands of years.

    Beijing outside the Fifth Ring, in the midst of the move, will have strong radiation with the dual strength of administrative power and market power. There is no doubt that with the re-establishment of the focus of urban construction, the eastern part of Beijing outside the East Fifth Ring will surely change with each passing day.

    The entire area of ​​Beijing is incited by this huge change.

    In 2018, the capital ring line was connected to the whole line, forming a closed loop. Most of the 940-kilometer expressway is in Hebei Province.

    The legendary Seventh Ring has really become a reality. It is more than two rings and crosses the administrative divisions of Beijing and Hebei Province. In a larger space, it framed a circular economy circle of cities and industries. .

    Then, outside the seven rings, of course, it is the "eight rings."

    Regional economists believe that a Beijing-based economic circle will be further reconstructed along the Great Seventh Ring. The expansion of the Beijing border will shift the function of the urban agglomeration outwards. Whether it is the boundary of space or the boundary of resource exchange and interaction, it will be upgraded and integrated.

    The Eight Rings is not a real road, but an economic belt in the periphery of the Seventh Ring. It has gained the opportunity to integrate into this super metropolitan area and usher in the "great change in the millennium."

    In 2018, I visited Baigou several times to interview the merchants who settled down because of the industrial dismantling in the Dahongmen area of ​​Beijing. For them, this is a re-election of life.

    Migration means more room for development and a future full of uncertainty.

    In fact, in the process of moving from Dahongmen, some people hesitated to wait and see, and some people made decisive decisions. The merchants who bought their homes in Baigou have now gained value for their wealth. The Baigou outside the Seventh Ring has already received a relief from Beijing.

    The re-layout and re-selection of these resources may be the time when the "eight-ring" people get the opportunity.

    For the Xinghe of the Eight Rings, it is not difficult to cross the distance of 300 kilometers. It is rare to cross the market distance from the five to eight rings.

    In 2013, I went back to my hometown and interviewed a deputy magistrate who was from here in Yanqing, Beijing. In that year, the potato in my hometown had a bumper harvest, and I encountered a dilemma that I could not sell. The deputy magistrate who was in charge tried to pass Personal relationship, selling potatoes to Beijing.

    On the eve of the Spring Festival, Premier Li Keqiang sat cross-legged in a farmhouse in Xinghe County, tasted the baked potatoes there, and encouraged the main grain of the potatoes to be industrialized. This makes the prosperity of the potato, and therefore it boils.

    If the "eight rings" of Xinghe, but also continue to transport vegetables and miscellaneous grains, can also set up a group of enterprises directly serving Beijing, that is the real near.

    I believe that potatoes will definitely go out, and more eight-ring youth will go out. I wish that the seed that was buried in the soil will break out of the ground.

    Finally, I wish you all the best!

    Economic Observer, reporter Song Yili

    February 11, 2019, the seventh day

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