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    Box office 5.84 billion! National Film Bureau: Spring Festival box office and satisfaction high

    2019-02-11 16:12:47

    People's Daily Client

    The reporter learned from the National Film Bureau today that during the holiday period from New Year's Eve to the beginning of the year, the national movie box office reached 5.84 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.2%, a record high in the same period.New Year's Day movie box office reached 1.443 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 13% year-on-year, once again set a single-day box office record. At the same time, byChinese filmThe audience satisfaction survey was conducted by the China Film Art Research Center and Yi En’s China Film Audience Satisfaction Survey in the 2019 Spring Festival.This year's Spring Festival audience satisfaction score of 83.9 points, was "satisfactory" evaluation, is the highest score in the Spring Festival since the survey was launched in 2015.

    This year's New Year's Day, "Wandering Earth", "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life", "The King of New Comedy", "Bear Infested. Primitive Era", "Detective Pu Songling", "Integrity", "Little Pig Peggy is too big Films of different themes such as "Year" were simultaneously released, and were called by the industry as the most lively Spring Festival in history, providing a richer and more diverse choice for the audience.

    Among them, represented by "Wandering Earth" and "Crazy Aliens", the performance of Chinese science fiction movies in this Spring Festival is particularly striking. "The Wandering Earth" and "Crazy Aliens" were adapted from the Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin's novels "Wandering Earth" and "Country Teacher". Although they belong to science fiction movies, the two films are expressed in thought, film language, etc. The aspects are all unique, and they are produced with high-tech performance and high-level industrial production, which greatly promotes the modernization and upgrading of Chinese films.Many industry insiders believe that the emergence of these two films officially opened the first year of Chinese science fiction movies, successfully realized the combination of science fiction elements with Chinese cultural background, Chinese values ​​and Chinese emotions, and promoted Chinese films in the field of science fiction films. Type of exploration.In particular, "Wandering Earth", known by many as China's first hard science fiction film, allows people to see more hopes and possibilities for Chinese science fiction movies and sci-fi literary works. The film won the title satisfaction championship with 85.6 points.

    The performance of young directors in this year's Spring Festival is also outstanding. Director Guo Fan of "Wandering Earth", director Han Han of "Flying Life" and director Zhang Dapeng of "Little Pig Peggy's New Year" are all "post-80s" directors. The films they created received recognition from the market in the Spring Festival, reflecting that Chinese young directors have grown up.

    In addition, the market effect of “old director” and “old brand” continued to be exerted. The “King of New Comedy” directed by Stephen Chow, the animated film “Bear Infested. The Primitive Era”, and the Hong Kong film classic theme of “Integrity” were attracted. Its intrinsic audience, which reflects the diversification and segmentation development trend of the Chinese film market.

    The industry also pointed out that more than 60,000 screens nationwide also provided a hardware foundation for the development of the Chinese film market.In 2019, with the acceleration of the construction of cinemas nationwide and the in-depth reform of the cinema line, the Chinese film market will be further expanded to provide a more convenient market experience for the audience while providing a more convenient market experience.

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